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What Causes My Air Conditioning System to Rattle?

What Causes my Air Conditioning to Rattle

During its operation, your air conditioning system may produce various sounds. And the most common of these is the rattling noise. Do you have any idea about the causes of this strange noise? There can be different sources of it, but not all calls for complex A/C repairs. Begin your diagnosis by checking out these reasons for your A/C’s rattling.

  • Poor Installation

One of the main reasons why you hear a rattling sound whenever you run your air conditioning system is incorrect installation. Do not let this noise disrupt your home’s comfort by doing a random check on the levelness of the system to the platform. Make sure that the unit is installed correctly and tightly.

  • Misaligned Fan

The rattling noise is also caused by a misaligned fan that touches the unit’s casing during its operation. When there is too much debris on the fan, your unit may also rattle. Be sure to keep the fan clean and aligned to avoid a complete system breakdown.

  • Debris

As much as possible, keep your air conditioning units free from dirt, dust and all other debris that can restrict its operation. Rattling usually happens when air filters are clogged, and the outside unit is exposed to various elements. It is important that you know how this debris enters your unit to provide proper solutions. If neglected, this can bring great danger to the overall operation of your air conditioning system.

  • Loose Panels

Have you checked the cabinet which houses the condenser and evaporator? Over time, the panels in this area can become dislodged. This is primarily because of the loosed screws. Securing the panel is necessary to prevent the rattling sound from recurring.

  • Broken Motors

The rattling sounds can also take place if the motor which contains most of the moving parts of your system is damaged. If these components start to wear down, the internal parts can also be displaced, causing the rattling sound of your unit. This is another result of too much debris in the system.

It is true that the rattling sound in your air conditioning unit only needs simple fixes, but if left unsolved, this can bring great risk and start a domino effect of other repair needs. As you can see from the information mentioned above, many of the problems are caused by dirt and debris thus it is important to keep your units clean at all time. With that, we can help. Call Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating today for professional cleaning of your HVAC system.


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