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What Causes My Air Conditioner to Leak Water?

What Causes My Air Conditioner to Leak Water?

Leaking water from your air conditioner is a problem that needs urgent attention. While immediate A/C repair in Granbury, TX, is needed, it is important that you know what makes your A/C to leak water as it operates.

Here’s what causes your air conditioner to leak water:

Insufficient Refrigerant

The pressure on your air conditioning system is reduced when the refrigerant charge is low. As a result, the evaporator coil freezes and the drain pan overflows and leaks water. If you are positive that your refrigerant is the issue, schedule an A/C repair in Granbury, TX to know whether your coolant needs a top-up or replacement.

Damaged Condenser Pan

Your unit’s condenser pan may get damaged over time. It may crack, corrode, or split, which potentially causes the water to leak out from your A/C unit. It pays to call the pros to check every component of your unit and get them all ready for the coming heat wave.

Poor Unit Installation

Your new air conditioning may leak water on its first few months of operation when it is poorly sized or installed. This is particularly true when you ignore professional A/C installation in Granbury, TX, and prefer hiring services offered at a super cheap rate. Remember, experts can help you determine the exact A/C size, install it properly, and make sure it won’t encounter issues, like water leakage.

Dirty Air Filter

If your air filter is partially or fully clogged with dirt and debris, chances are your evaporator coil may ice up. This causes the water to overflow from your drain pan and show some apparent signs of a water leak. Be sure to check and replace your filter regularly.

Blocked Drain Pipe

The drain pan is where the water from your A/C passes through. When it is blocked with debris, water may get stuck and consequently causes the excess liquids to leak out from your A/C. So when you notice water dripping from your unit, check your drain pipe for possible blockages.

Extremely Cold Temperature

There is a greater chance for your unit to leak water when you let it operate during cold weather conditions. For instance, running your A/C when the outdoor temperature is below 60 degrees can cause your coils to freeze up and leak water from your unit.

When you notice water leaking out from your A/C, talk with your local air conditioning company in Granbury, TX to know what causes it and get an immediate solution before it gets problematic. Contact Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating for an expert A/C repair today!

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