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Texas Made – Strategies for HVAC System

Strategies for HVAC System

Strategies for HVAC System

Yes! You can have a strategic plan for your HVAC system that can save you money and allow your home or business to be heated and cooled more efficiently. The first place to start is considering upgrading or replacing your HVAC system if it is more than 10 years old. An outdated system can be a large financial burden on a household or business budget.

With a bit of research you may be surprised at the incentives and rebates offered by stores and government plans to assist in saving money. Be sure to look out for energy star products to reduce long term energy costs.   If you decide to upgrade, consider getting a demand controlled ventilation system which provides better air quality. It works by using a CO2 sensor which determines how many people are in a space and adjusts the amount of outside air versus recirculated air.

You can also use an economizer which ensures outside air is carried in when temperatures are cooler, therefore reducing effort on a cooling system. Part of your strategy should include a programmable thermostat. The largest benefit of one is allowing efficient temperature control.

The newer ones allow you set your temperature for seven days ahead of time and you can control it via an app on your phone. Set the thermostat based on how used your house or business will be at any given time. New thermostats greatly assist in encouraging energy efficient HVAC behavior and habits. As shown, having a strategy in place can help save you money when operating a HVAC system.

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