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Saving on Air Conditioning and Cooling

Perhaps you realize that keeping your home cool during summer and warm during winter is an expensive proposition. In most homes, nearly half of the utility bills go to heating and cooling. For those who want to put an amount of money into their wallet, they should find ways to run their air conditioning in Granbury and furnace smartly.

Follow these tips to save on your air conditioning and cooling.

Set the Thermostat.

One great way to save on your heating and cooling costs is to set the thermostat high in summer and low in winter. This is much better than setting the equipment the same all-year round. Anyway, you will be wearing lighter clothes in summer and heavier clothes in winter.

Utilize the power of the sun.

You do not really need to have a solar panel system installed, even though this would be a great help. Just draw back your curtains and then pull up your window blinds on south-facing windows during short winter days. Not only will it help brighten your mood, but also your home. Moreover, it will also keep your home warmer.

Have the leaks repaired.

Leaks in the system can lead to much lower efficiency. Take note that refrigerant is not a source of fuel. It is just a cooling medium and must be replaced immediately especially if there are leaks.

Get a tune-up.

To keep your heating and air conditioning in Granbury working, make sure that the units undergo tune-up. If you skip regular maintenance, chances are you will be paying for major repairs down the line. To ensure long life and maximum performance, have an expert perform the required maintenance on your heat pump or furnace in the fall and your air conditioner unit in the spring.

Invest in a more efficient unit.

Efficiency is among the most significant factors to consider when buying a unit. An investment in units with higher efficiency will definitely return the investment in the cost savings right over the course of the life span of the equipment.

Seal the ducts properly.

Make sure that the ductwork is checked to know if it needs any replacement or repair. Have your ducts inspected by professionals especially if there are contaminates that build-up inside or if the insulation is already peeling.

Repair the air leaks.

Coils Maintenance Tips – Texas Made

Cleaning your air conditioners coils will allow your A/C unit to run longer with increased efficiency. Experts recommend cleaning them in the spring before your unit is used extensively to combat the summer heat. Doing this will ensure the coils are in good working order before you need your unit the most! However, you can make it part of your routine maintenance throughout the year, or leave it up to your A/C technician when they perform their annual maintenance on your unit.

 If you choose to clean the coils yourself, it is advised to start by clearing away any debris from the outside unit such as grass and leaves.  Once this is done, shut off the power source to the A/C and remove the outer case allowing you to reach the access panels. Remove the top of the A/C unit being careful not to damage any wires, at this point it can be a good idea to vacuum off any dirt found on the fan and shaft. Sweep away dust and dirt from the A/C coils using a broom.

You can even spray the coils with water, or a biodegradable cleaner. The cleaner should be rinsed off and then use this opportunity to look over your coils for any obvious coil fin damage. The next step is reassembling the A/C and then relax, knowing your coils are clean.


Operating and Maintaining Your Heat Pump – Texas Made

With all cooling and heating systems, maintenance is the key to operating efficiently. If you operate your heat pump correctly, it will also save you money. If you discover that setting back your thermostat causes the backup heating to come on, be prepared for more expense. Heat pump performance can be degraded with continual indoor fan operation.

 The exclusion to this, is if your system is operated with a variable speed motor which is highly efficient. Therefore, you should run your system on the fan setting which reads auto.  Another option is to consider installing a thermostat which is programmable and has multistage functions specifically for a heat pump. Maintenance is important in regards to energy consumption.

 A neglected heat pump can cost you between 10 to 20 percent more energy, therefore running up your bill. Be sure to change filters on time, clear away debris, clean outdoor coils and read the manufactures suggestions for the best way to promote longevity for your heat pump. It is recommended that a technician looks over your heat pump roughly every two years to perform routine maintenance and hopefully catch small problems before they turn into large expensive ones. The technician will be able to offer you advice on how to get the most out of your heat pump and keep it running smoothly for as long as possible.