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Problems that Lead to Costly A/C Repairs

Your air conditioning unit in Granbury, TX can be prone to damages as it works continuously. Leaving your unit’s problems unattended and unfixed will definitely cost you a lot. Know the common problems that lead to costly A/C repairs and be guided of when to call the pros for an immediate solution through this post. Continue reading below!

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leak issues are absolutely costly. When your unit’s refrigeration system has cracks or holes, the coolant may leak through them. This results in reduced cooling and often causes health-related problems due to harmful gas emitted. So when you sense even a tiny leak in your refrigeration system, contact your local A/C company in Granbury, TX for an immediate repair.

Clogged Filter

A clogged filter may seem like a simple issue, but not following the proper filter replacement time can cost you a lot of money. The accumulated dust, debris, and dirt in your filter can impede proper airflow. As a result, your home is poorly cooled, your unit is running under excessive strain; your health is exposed to risks, and your energy bill rises. Be sure to replace your filter regularly to prevent costly issues in the future.

Damaged Air Ducts

Do you know that you are also paying for the conditioned air that leaks through the holes and cracks in your duct work? This may sound surprising but you should know that almost 20% of the air that is supposed to go inside your home is lost due to a damaged duct system. Call your air conditioning company in Granbury, TX for duct inspection and repair.

Dirty Coils

A thick coat of dirt and dust that covers your evaporator and condenser coils can cause your unit to work in poor condition. Also, the refrigerant that passes through your coils may not absorb or dispense the air properly. When this happens, the desired temperature of your home may not be achieved immediately. Call your local A/C technicians for immediate check-up and inspection.

Fan Problems

Your air conditioner has two fans – one in the outdoor condenser unit and another in the air handler. Your home may experience inadequate cooling if any of these fans malfunction. Also, some parts of your unit may work harder to compensate for the conditioned air for your space. Contact your local A/C specialists for regular cleaning and lubrication of your fans to minimize repair costs and the possibility of breakdowns.

The best way to ensure that your air conditioning unit is working properly is to schedule an A/C repair in Granbury, TX with the pros. Contacts us at Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating for expert A/C repair and maintenance.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New A/C this Summer

Buying a new air conditioner in Granbury, TX takes a whole lot of preparation and decision-making. It is not like picking up a pair of shoes that fits your taste. Many homeowners fall victim to many mistakes and end up in buyer’s remorse later because of a lack of guidance in the process.

Avoid the common mistakes you do when buying your A/C in summer by reading this post.

Buying Larger Units

Using a larger A/C may cool your home fast, but this is not the wise choice at all. You should know that an oversized unit won’t generate a consistent temperature and will it just short cycle when your home’s cooling demand is met. To properly size a unit for your home, contact a professional A/C contractor in Granbury, TX.

Not Getting a Preventive Maintenance

Your unit will work at its best during the first few years of operation. But how will it maintain its best performance without proper and regular care? If you want to enjoy lasting comfort, improved efficiency, and an extended lifespan for your unit, then invest in a preventive maintenance program at the time you buy your unit.

Not Considering SEER Rating

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a rating that measures the efficiency of your cooling system. Not considering this efficiency standard when buying a new unit will definitely cost you more in energy consumption. To understand more about SEER rating and how it works, talk to your air conditioning company in Granbury, TX.

Buying a Unit with Lowest Price

The price of a new A/C is relatively high, and this is the reason why other homeowners are tempted to buy cheap unit brands in exchange for immediate and affordable comfort. You should know that units with low prices have low value as well. Talk to your A/C company to know what is the best brand to buy in the market today.

Missing Best Rebates Opportunities

There is a big chance for you to qualify for rebates when buying a new air conditioning system in Granbury, TX. These rebates are often offered to buyers who opt for high-efficiency units. Be sure to ask first if the manufacturer offers discounts so that you can offset the cost of the unit during the purchase.

Here at Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating, our goal is to help homeowners in Granbury, TX when buying a new A/C. Please contact us, and we’ll help you find the best unit for your home.

What Causes My Air Conditioner to Leak Water?

Leaking water from your air conditioner is a problem that needs urgent attention. While immediate A/C repair in Granbury, TX, is needed, it is important that you know what makes your A/C to leak water as it operates.

Here’s what causes your air conditioner to leak water:

Insufficient Refrigerant

The pressure on your air conditioning system is reduced when the refrigerant charge is low. As a result, the evaporator coil freezes and the drain pan overflows and leaks water. If you are positive that your refrigerant is the issue, schedule an A/C repair in Granbury, TX to know whether your coolant needs a top-up or replacement.

Damaged Condenser Pan

Your unit’s condenser pan may get damaged over time. It may crack, corrode, or split, which potentially causes the water to leak out from your A/C unit. It pays to call the pros to check every component of your unit and get them all ready for the coming heat wave.

Poor Unit Installation

Your new air conditioning may leak water on its first few months of operation when it is poorly sized or installed. This is particularly true when you ignore professional A/C installation in Granbury, TX, and prefer hiring services offered at a super cheap rate. Remember, experts can help you determine the exact A/C size, install it properly, and make sure it won’t encounter issues, like water leakage.

Dirty Air Filter

If your air filter is partially or fully clogged with dirt and debris, chances are your evaporator coil may ice up. This causes the water to overflow from your drain pan and show some apparent signs of a water leak. Be sure to check and replace your filter regularly.

Blocked Drain Pipe

The drain pan is where the water from your A/C passes through. When it is blocked with debris, water may get stuck and consequently causes the excess liquids to leak out from your A/C. So when you notice water dripping from your unit, check your drain pipe for possible blockages.

Extremely Cold Temperature

There is a greater chance for your unit to leak water when you let it operate during cold weather conditions. For instance, running your A/C when the outdoor temperature is below 60 degrees can cause your coils to freeze up and leak water from your unit.

When you notice water leaking out from your A/C, talk with your local air conditioning company in Granbury, TX to know what causes it and get an immediate solution before it gets problematic. Contact Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating for an expert A/C repair today!

Top Frequently Asked Questions about Fan Coil Units

Thinking to buy a new fan coil in Granbury, TX but don’t know where to start? You came to the right place! From here, our pros at Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating will expertly answer the common questions raised by many homeowners in the city, helping you have an informed buying decision when purchasing your own fan coil unit.

Here are the frequently asked questions about fan coil units:

  • What is a fan coil unit?

A fan coil is an indoor unit that has a fan(s) and a heat exchanger coil inside it. It is a component of a heat pump system designed for a particular refrigerant. For this reason, it should be matched with a specific heat pump or A/C.

  • How does a fan coil unit work?

The fan(s) is blowing or pulling the air through the unit and the coil. Hot or chilled water piped from your boiler or chiller passes through the coil to temper the air and supply to your room. The air in your room is re-circulated using the fan coil unit to offer you the most comfortable indoor temperature.

  • What are the types of fan coil units?

Fan coil units can run with water or refrigerant gasses, which can be either in a vertical or horizontal orientation as defined by the airflow direction. The unit can be equipped with chassis or casing.

  • What are the available sizes of fan coil units?

Fan coil units’ width is typically around 500 mm to 2,000 mm and height between 160 mm to 400 mm.  Their typical length is around 500 mm to 800 mm.

  • Why is an A/C often called as a fan coil unit?

A local A/C that uses a fan to transfer the tempered air (that is provided by a coil) is commonly referred to as a fan coil unit.

  • What Latent, Sensible, and Total Cooling stand for?

Latent is the energy waste that the coil produced in the form of condensation. Sensible is the type of cooling provided to your room. Total is the combination of Latent and Sensible, thus, any decrease in the Latent save you energy.

  • How to know the right fan coil that suits my home?

Contact us at Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating to know what unit suits your home best. We will listen to your installation requirement and guide you toward correct designing and configuration of the unit.

If you don’t see your question on the list above, or if you want to buy a new fan coil unit in Granbury, TX, our experts at Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating can help. Call us today to know more!

HVAC Market is Expected to Reach $136.5 Billion by 2024

P&S Intelligence, the market intelligence and consulting firm that provides first-string market insights published a report stating that the HVAC market is expected to reach $136.5 billion by 2024, registering a 3.9% CAGR during the forecast period.

Factors for the Demand’s Increase

The increasing initiative in the government sector and the growth in the construction industry are the driving factors for the HVAC market’s high demands. Besides, the rising average of the temperature across the globe is also propelling the growth of the market year over year. Moreover, global warming caused by greenhouse gas emission results in temperature rise and becomes the main driving force why HVAC demands across the globe increase.

Countries with High Consumers of HVAC Systems

Some countries such as Asia-Pacific and Middle East & Africa are experiencing hot and subtropical climates, which make homeowners’ and business owners’ summer intensely hot and humid. Consequently, this makes them reliant on HVAC systems to meet their comfort requirements.

North American region, on the other hand, ranks among the largest consumers of HVAC systems due to an extremely high temperature present in the location during the peak summer. Besides, the population in the region exhibits high purchasing power, in which based on the stats provided by the World Bank, Canada and the United States recorded the annual per capita income of $45,032. and $59,531. in 2017. On the same year, the construction industry (specifically for the residential and commercial building construction) manifested a 6% rise in investment compared to the previous year.

Sectors That Drive High HVAC Demands

The global market has been segmented into heating, ventilation, and cooling, in which the cooling category is segmented into Split System /Packaged Systems, variable refrigerant flow (VRF).

Split Systems are accounting for the largest revenue share in 2018. On the same year, over 60% of homes in the United States are also estimated to install central A/C units. Residential and commercial are the main sectors that drive the continued demand in the HVAC market. The industrial sector, particularly food and beverage businesses recorded the highest share of revenue in the HVAC market in 2018.

Modern HVAC Systems that Save Energy

When it comes to power consumption, commercial buildings consume 40% energy in total. For this reason, some manufacturers like Carrier are encouraged to design and launch innovative products to increase efficiency on their HVAC products, helping end-users reduce energy consumption by up to 40%.

If you are looking for more industry news or needing efficient Carrier products, please contact Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating today. We are your reliable A/C company in Granbury, TX. Talk to us to learn more!

Packaged A/C Unit: What Is It and Is It Right for You?

When it comes to cooling your home in Granbury, TX, you’ve got a lot of options. One thing you may consider is a Packaged A/C Unit. This unit can be the most viable choice if the equipment cost and space for installation are your concerns.

As your reputable air conditioning company in Granbury, TX, our team at Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating will explain what the Packaged A/C Unit is, and help you decide what is best for you. Continue reading below!

What is a Packaged A/C Unit?

As the name suggests, a Packaged A/C Unit is a single unit, which is composed of an air handler and an air conditioner condensing unit combined in one huge steel cabinet. Typically, a Packaged A/C Unit is installed outdoors, either on the roof or on the ground. It can also be installed indoors but should be vented to the outside.

If you need an air conditioning replacement in Granbury, TX, a Packaged A/C Unit might be a good option for you. Talk to us to know more about the Packaged A/C Units.

Pros and Cons of a Packaged A/C Unit

Buying a Packaged A/C Unit for your home brings multiple advantages. It is more affordable compared to the Split Systems Air Conditioner and can be installed anywhere you want, on the ground or the roof. The Packaged A/C Unit can work quietly when installed outdoors, leaving you with uninterrupted night sleep. Lastly, a Packaged A/C Unit takes up less space for installation compared to other cooling systems.

The Packaged A/C Unit also comes with downsides. It can be less efficient and have a shorter lifespan compared to the Split System Air Conditioners.

Is a Packed A/C Unit Right For You?

A Packaged A/C Unit is not always the first choice of many homeowners for home cooling because of varying reasons. However, if you are having problems with the installation space, and cannot find a unit that fits your home well, a Packaged A/C Unit can be the right choice.

The Packaged A/C Unit is the perfect alternative if a Split System Air Conditioner is not suitable for building construction. Also, if you have a tight budget to buy a new cooling system for your small space, a Packaged A/C Unit could be the affordable choice.

If you need a Packaged A/C Unit for your home or looking for professional A/C replacement in Granbury, TX, our experts at Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating can help. Call us for a free estimate.