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Refrigerants – What’s in your AC Unit, and Why Does It Matter?

Refrigerants - What's in your AC Unit, and Why Does It Matter?

An air conditioning unit is made up of complex parts and equipment which do magic in keeping you comfortable during the hottest days of the year. But even if it does wonders inside your home, the cold air that it generates is not entirely its own doing. It needs a little help from an important component called the refrigerant.

The refrigerants are vital components of the system as they help in cooling the air inside. While your air conditioner allows the flow of air through the ducts, the refrigerants are the ones responsible for providing the proper charge to change the temperature of the air. The absence or insufficiency of refrigerant can hinder the proper operation of your system.

Get to Know What’s In Your System

The common compositions of refrigerants are hydrogen, fluorine, carbon and sometimes chlorine. They are usually referred to by their chemical composition and are listed as R-something.

There are three types of refrigerant that can consist of your air conditioning system:

  • R-22. Commonly known as Freon, R-22 is said to be one of the original refrigerants used in residential air conditioning system. However, in 2010 it was discontinued because of the proven dangers of chlorine gas to human health and the atmosphere. In 2015, all R-22 refrigerants were completely stopped from being used for A/C systems.
  • R-410A. The trade name for R-410A is Puron. As compared to Freon, it does contain chlorine and is proven good for the environment. Carrier designed the chemical composition of Puron which was originally used for commercial HVAC systems and after several years become part of the residential HVAC units. R-410A has higher pressure during the operation as compared to other gases. That’s why in purchasing a system with this refrigerant, you need to consider the load requirement first and foremost.
  • R– Genetron or R-407C is the type of refrigerant that is most similar to Freon. When homeowners want to upgrade from the Freon-based system, many professionals recommend this type for a lesser cost since you no longer need a wholesale change of hardware.

Should You Do This Yourself?

The simplest answer to that is NO. Refrigerants are available in commercial establishments but using it requires great caution. Additionally, the A/C system and the refrigerants should match so if you don’t have enough knowledge about this matter, better leave the job to the professionals. Or else, you might end up bidding goodbye to your hardly-earned investment.

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