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Problems With Old Air Conditioners

Problems With Old Air Conditioners

Age is merely a number to some but for air conditioning units, it is a big factor when it comes to efficient operation. Is your A/C old enough to provide the cooling demands of your home? Here are the problems that you might encounter when your unit gets older. These will remind you how immediate you need to have your unit replaced.

Wear and Tear

The components of your air conditioning units can wear and tear over time with continuous use. This is one of the main issues with old units. Some parts can become loose; others may be filled with rust, while there are also those which are completely damaged. Tearing of A/C’s components can greatly affect its operation and can sometimes be the cause of system breakdown.


Old units operate less efficient as compared to newer ones. Damages in the coils, compressors and other parts of the system give strain to the unit, making it work harder to meet the cooling needs of your home. If your unit is nearing 15 years old, you should start saving for a replacement. Once it hits 15 years, it will not be as efficient as it was before and you will be faced with excessively high energy bills.

Poor Performance

Slow cooling is an obvious sign of old air conditioning unit. Because the system is no longer as efficient as before, it might take time to cool your home completely. In some cases, old A/C’s are no longer able to cool your home effectively, causing your family an uncomfortable feeling during the warm season.

Frequent Repair

An old air conditioning unit is more prone to failure and system breakdown. Saving your old unit by continuously repairing them will not bring back its efficiency. It is more likely to breakdown just when you need it the most. If you are having your frequent repair schedule and the cost is adding up, it will be best to have your units replaced as early as today.

Air Conditioning System Replacement in Granbury, Texas

Once you notice these clear signs, your air conditioning system is aging and nearing retirement. You may need to replace it with a new unit with modern features and smart technology.

Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating is your one-stop shop for all your heating and cooling needs in Granbury, TX and the neighboring towns. We recommend you have your old A/C unit replaced today before the heat wave starts.


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