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Problems that Lead to Costly A/C Repairs

Problems that Lead to Costly A/C Repairs

Your air conditioning unit in Granbury, TX can be prone to damages as it works continuously. Leaving your unit’s problems unattended and unfixed will definitely cost you a lot. Know the common problems that lead to costly A/C repairs and be guided of when to call the pros for an immediate solution through this post. Continue reading below!

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leak issues are absolutely costly. When your unit’s refrigeration system has cracks or holes, the coolant may leak through them. This results in reduced cooling and often causes health-related problems due to harmful gas emitted. So when you sense even a tiny leak in your refrigeration system, contact your local A/C company in Granbury, TX for an immediate repair.

Clogged Filter

A clogged filter may seem like a simple issue, but not following the proper filter replacement time can cost you a lot of money. The accumulated dust, debris, and dirt in your filter can impede proper airflow. As a result, your home is poorly cooled, your unit is running under excessive strain; your health is exposed to risks, and your energy bill rises. Be sure to replace your filter regularly to prevent costly issues in the future.

Damaged Air Ducts

Do you know that you are also paying for the conditioned air that leaks through the holes and cracks in your duct work? This may sound surprising but you should know that almost 20% of the air that is supposed to go inside your home is lost due to a damaged duct system. Call your air conditioning company in Granbury, TX for duct inspection and repair.

Dirty Coils

A thick coat of dirt and dust that covers your evaporator and condenser coils can cause your unit to work in poor condition. Also, the refrigerant that passes through your coils may not absorb or dispense the air properly. When this happens, the desired temperature of your home may not be achieved immediately. Call your local A/C technicians for immediate check-up and inspection.

Fan Problems

Your air conditioner has two fans – one in the outdoor condenser unit and another in the air handler. Your home may experience inadequate cooling if any of these fans malfunction. Also, some parts of your unit may work harder to compensate for the conditioned air for your space. Contact your local A/C specialists for regular cleaning and lubrication of your fans to minimize repair costs and the possibility of breakdowns.

The best way to ensure that your air conditioning unit is working properly is to schedule an A/C repair in Granbury, TX with the pros. Contacts us at Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating for expert A/C repair and maintenance.

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