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HVAC Experts in Glen Rose, TX Impart Tips to Keep Your Home Warm During Winter

HVAC Experts in Glen Rose, TX Impart Tips to Keep Your Home Warm During Winter

Best Tips to Keep Your Home Warm During the Winter

There is nothing worse than coming home from a long day of work to find your house cold and dark. This article will go over five tips that can keep your home warm during the winter!

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Check insulation—make sure it’s sufficient! 

Insulation prevents heat from escaping through vulnerable areas of your house. Ensure all windows and doors are properly insulated with good quality materials to prevent cold air from escaping or entering your home.

To check for insulation, hold a candle up to the edge of your windows and doors. If you see the light, then there is a gap in the insulation which means the heat will escape through these areas of your house.

Clean your furnace filter.

A dirty or clogged furnace filter slows down airflow, making it harder for the heater to function appropriately and distribute heat through all areas so you won’t have a cold bedroom!

Also, neglecting proper furnace filter replacement will lead to costly HVAC repair in Glen Rose, TX, and negatively affect your heating system’s life expectancy. So, be sure to clean or replace them regularly.

Keep the windows closed. 

You can hang a thick blanket over the window, so that heat from outside doesn’t escape.

Make sure you close all drapes or blinds on unused areas, as this will help prevent heat from escaping.

Make use of your ceiling fan.

Turning on your ceiling fan can help circulate the air in a room and make it feel warmer! This is also a great alternative to having the heat blasting through all areas of your house, especially if you live with small children or elderly family members who cannot tolerate high temperatures.

When using this method, make sure no objects are blocking any of the fan blades. This can cause problems with your fan, and it will not circulate air properly in a room.

Schedule a heating maintenance service.

Hiring a professional to come and take care of your heating system can be expensive, but it’s never been more critical than during the winter months!

A heating expert will not only ensure that all parts are in working order so you won’t have any problems staying warm. They also know how long each part should last and when they need replacing so you won’t have to worry about unexpected expenses down the road.

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Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating is an expert in residential & commercial HVAC work. We are not confined to basic HVAC repair and maintenance. At Texas Made, we can help you with insulation work, thermostats, and improving your indoor air quality. We specialize in both brand new and replacement units. We have the ability and knowledge to service all makes and models of equipment. Also, our service technicians have the most up-to-date training and are certified and insured.

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