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Granbury’s HVAC Pros Share 5 Critical Steps For a Professional HVAC Installation

Granbury's HVAC Pros Share 5 Critical Steps For a Professional HVAC Installation

5 Critical Steps For a Professional HVAC Installation

Are you thinking of installing a new HVAC system this winter? Then call our team at Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating for a professional service. We guarantee a reliable and fast HVAC residential installation in Granbury, TX! How do we do it? Here are the critical HVAC installation steps we perform:

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STEP 1: Evaluate Your Comfort Requirements 

We consider all factors that affect your comfort, including your space size, climate, number of rooms, and many more. Besides that, we also recommend installing automation, ventilation, and humidification system, depending on your lifestyle and home’s air quality level. 

STEP 2: Look for the Right Size of Unit for Your Home 

After evaluating your home’s comfort, we look for the right system that fits your needs. We perform a load calculation to determine the specific size of the HVAC system for your space. 

If you recently have undergone home expansion or added another floor and need a new comfort system, you should talk to us to know your space’s exact heating and cooling demands. 

STEP 3: Recommend Best Products for Your Home 

We suggest the best energy-efficient products for your home. We educate you about Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER) rating and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) and recommend products with these standards so you can save cash on your energy bills. When you finally decide which product to pick, that is when we begin planning the installation process. 

STEP 4: Check Your Ductwork and Refrigerant Lines 

We inspect and repair damages in your ductwork and refrigerant lines to ensure they work well with the newly installed system. We remove blockages sitting in your ductwork for a long time to allow proper airflow and offer you better indoor air quality. 

Also, we offer 24-hour heating repair in Granbury, TX, to give you peace of mind. We will examine your refrigerant lines to identify and address leakages (if there are any). 

STEP 5: Test the Performance of Your New HVAC 

We conduct a final check to make sure that the newly installed HVAC system is working right. We check the thermostat, consistency of your indoor temperature, airflow, and other factors that relate to the system’s performance. We also conduct professional A/C or furnace maintenance near Granbury, TX as part of the performance test. 

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Trust Our Team For All Your HVAC Needs!

Installing a new HVAC system is something you cannot just do yourself; you need us. Our Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating team is more than ready to offer professional and reliable HVAC services in Granbury, TX and nearby areas. Call us for your appointment!


Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating is an expert in residential & commercial HVAC work. We are not confined to basic HVAC repair and maintenance. At Texas Made, we can help you with insulation work, thermostats, and improving your indoor air quality. We specialize in both brand new and replacement units. We have the ability and knowledge to service all makes and models of equipment. Our service technicians have the most up-to-date training, are certified and insured.

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