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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New A/C this Summer

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New A/C this Summer

Buying a new air conditioner in Granbury, TX takes a whole lot of preparation and decision-making. It is not like picking up a pair of shoes that fits your taste. Many homeowners fall victim to many mistakes and end up in buyer’s remorse later because of a lack of guidance in the process.

Avoid the common mistakes you do when buying your A/C in summer by reading this post.

Buying Larger Units

Using a larger A/C may cool your home fast, but this is not the wise choice at all. You should know that an oversized unit won’t generate a consistent temperature and will it just short cycle when your home’s cooling demand is met. To properly size a unit for your home, contact a professional A/C contractor in Granbury, TX.

Not Getting a Preventive Maintenance

Your unit will work at its best during the first few years of operation. But how will it maintain its best performance without proper and regular care? If you want to enjoy lasting comfort, improved efficiency, and an extended lifespan for your unit, then invest in a preventive maintenance program at the time you buy your unit.

Not Considering SEER Rating

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a rating that measures the efficiency of your cooling system. Not considering this efficiency standard when buying a new unit will definitely cost you more in energy consumption. To understand more about SEER rating and how it works, talk to your air conditioning company in Granbury, TX.

Buying a Unit with Lowest Price

The price of a new A/C is relatively high, and this is the reason why other homeowners are tempted to buy cheap unit brands in exchange for immediate and affordable comfort. You should know that units with low prices have low value as well. Talk to your A/C company to know what is the best brand to buy in the market today.

Missing Best Rebates Opportunities

There is a big chance for you to qualify for rebates when buying a new air conditioning system in Granbury, TX. These rebates are often offered to buyers who opt for high-efficiency units. Be sure to ask first if the manufacturer offers discounts so that you can offset the cost of the unit during the purchase.

Here at Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating, our goal is to help homeowners in Granbury, TX when buying a new A/C. Please contact us, and we’ll help you find the best unit for your home.

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