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Know When It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your AC Condenser

Know When It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your AC Condenser

Did you know that cleaning the condenser coil is a crucial part of preventative HVAC maintenance? That’s right. Unfortunately, these components of your air conditioner could wear and tear overtime. And when the time comes, you may be wondering whether you need repair or replacement. Know when to repair or replace the condenser coils.


The Condenser Is Dirty

Overtime, the condenser and other parts of your unit that reside outdoor get covered in dirt or plant matter. Be sure to clean the condenser from brush, grass and other plant matter around it. Remove anything that’s interfering with the moving components.

The Run Capacitor Is In Bad Shape

Fortunately, this one is an easy fix. If your condenser’s run capacitor has gone bad, you can basically replace it with a new part.

The Condenser Fan Relay Switch Goes Bad

Just like with bad run capacitor, this issue also needs a simple repair and poses less problem in the entirety of your unit’s operation. Nevertheless, if you think that the condenser fan relay switch is no longer working properly, it’s time to swap in a new relay.

Condenser’s Control Board Begins to Malfunction

Bad control board needs replacement. However, be sure that your new board works well with other existing parts of your condenser.

The Condenser Coils is on the Fritz

First off, do some basic cleaning. If it doesn’t work, the best way to go is to replace the coil. If your condenser coil is not included in your warranty, it’s a wise idea to replace your entire unit.


Your Condenser Is Too Old

If your condenser is already more than 10 years old, maybe it’s time to upgrade to a newer and more efficient unit.  Even if repair can fix a problem, replacing it with a newer unit can save you money down the road.


A blocked condenser could be a major problem. When you experience blockage within your air conditioner, it’s time to call your local contractor for replacement.


Don’t overlook leak issues because they can signal a major problem. If you think that there are leaks within your condenser, you have to replace the entire component.

Whether you need repair or replacement services for your AC condenser, it’s always best to bring in a professional contractor.

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