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When you notice a burning smell coming from your A/C unit, you’re probably worried your cooling system may catch fire. Well, don’t worry just yet because there’s a good chance it won’t happen. Let Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating address your problem! We provide a wide array of HVAC services in Granbury, TX.

A burning smell is indeed a sign of a problem, and this is something you shouldn’t take lightly. Here are the most common reasons for a burning smell from your air conditioner:

6 Reasons Why Your A/C Smells Like It’s Burning

We listed some of the most common potential reasons why your air conditioning system produces a burning smell every time you turn it on.

Dust is Burning Off

It’s a common occurrence to notice a burning smell whenever you turn on your heater, furnace, or heat pump for the first time again. After months of sitting in the corner, it must have accumulated dust, and when you turn on your heater, the dust gets burned, thus producing a burning smell.

Clogged Air Filters

If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your air filters, your filters may already be clogged. If you have a clogged air filter, you will experience poor airflow, which causes added stress on motors, fans, and other parts within your unit, leading to a burning smell.

Faulty Capacitor

Every A/C unit has a component called a capacitor. Capacitors are the one that powers the motor. If you have a broken capacitor, your A/C unit’s motor may overheat, giving off a burning smell.

There are several reasons why your capacitor may fail, and this includes overheating circuits, power surges, and even general wear and tear.

The Motor is Overheating

One faulty component in your comfort system will create a chain reaction and will cause several more problems. And most of the time, an overheating motor is one of the results of that chain reaction.

Similar to a broken capacitor, a faulty motor can also produce a burning smell. This is because of the bearing of the motor that can wear out over time.

Overheating Belt-Drive Motor

Some air conditioning systems include a belt-drive blower in their system rather than a direct-diver blower. These cooling systems have rubber belts that can wear out over time and emit a burning rubber smell.

In this case, we highly advise you immediately turn off your system and call your local professional HVAC to help you out.

Burning Electrical Parts

If you noticed a burning odor, this may indicate an electrical issue somewhere in your connections. Don’t wait for your system to completely fail. The burning plastic you smell can also be a sign that the plastic component in your system’s wiring is burning.

This occurrence is caused by short circuits, loose screws, defective breakers, or worn out electrical connections. This problem is highly dangerous, so it will be best to ask for professional help.

Let us handle your HVAC needs in Granbury, TX! Call now!

Although it’s not wrong to troubleshoot HVAC issues by yourself, there are times that these problems are better left to the professionals. If you experience a burning smell from your HVAC system, the professionals at Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating can help.

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