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HVAC Service Agreement: Red Flags to Watch For

HVAC Service Agreement: Red Flags to Watch For

Committing to an HVAC service agreement to handle your A/C repair in Granbury, TX isn’t an easy task. Unfortunately, many homeowners are enticed to sign a contract without understanding what they get for their money. Let Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating put an end to that!

Read on to know some of the red flags that tell if you’re getting a poor HVAC agreement.

Single-Page Contract

Your HVAC service contract shouldn’t be written on one piece of paper only. A good contract should contain comprehensive details of what’s included and excluded in the service and some clarification about what you can expect from a service call, cost, additional charges, and more. All this information can’t merely be discussed in a single page. So think twice when your contractor hands over you a one-sheet contract.

Extremely Low Price

Homeowners will do whatever it takes to save money on their comfort, even if it means cutting the cost that comes with A/C repair in Granbury, TX. But is it safe to invest in super low price contracts? If you are wise enough, you probably know that opting for a cheap contract isn’t a good move at all.

Don’t bite the bait when someone offered a contract that is unrealistically priced. Remember, it’s fine to pay for a bit expensive contract in exchange for good services than committing into something that will cost you more. Try to compare the prices and have a rough estimate of what the contract will cost. Also, be sure to ask for recommendations and always do research to know which company is reliable and trusted by the locals.

Fine Print

Some HVAC companies who do A/C repair in Granbury, TX are using fine prints to trick homeowners about service inclusions and pricing. Details that they don’t want you to find out are written in extremely tiny letters. You can only find out that you signed up with the wrong company when they started discussing the terms and conditions on the contract you’ve signed and agreed on. Don’t fall victim to this and make sure to read every single detail in your contract, including the absurdly fine print. Don’t hesitate to ask if something seems unclear to you.

Looking for Trusted HVAC Service Agreement in Granbury, TX?

When investing in an HVAC service agreement in Granbury, TX, make sure to watch for these warning signs. Avoid them by getting the agreement from a trusted and certified HVAC company.

Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating has the best HVAC service agreement you can depend on. We carefully discuss terms, conditions, and coverage with homeowners and make sure to stay within the budget. If you want to learn more about our service contract agreement or need professional A/C repair in Granbury, TX, talk to us, and be on our long list of satisfied clients.

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