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How to Save Money on Your Energy Bill Over the Holidays

How to Save Money on Your Energy Bill Over the Holidays

The holidays are indeed the happiest season of all. The twinkling Christmas lights, the exciting exchange gifts, and the decorative backdrops in your home definitely make the season a lot merrier. All these fun things, however, come with a price—high utility bills.

That’s exactly the reason why Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating is here. We’ll give you these energy-saving tips so you can keep the fun going while lowering your bills this holiday.

Use LED Lights

If you plan to put up a Christmas tree in your home, then consider using LED holiday lights. LED lights are more efficient as they only consume 10% of the total energy used by traditional holiday lights. Plus, they are safer to use compared to halogen or incandescent counterparts because of lower heat production.

Turn Down the Heat a Few Degrees

The holiday gives us the opportunity to be with our loved ones and be merry. It turns out, it’s good for your energy bill, as well. But did you know you can actually save up to three percent energy by turning down your thermostat? Since your home is filled with many warm bodies, giving you the chance to turn the heat a few degrees lower.

Mind Your Decorations

The decorations complete the holiday spirit, and every home has them. However, the wrong placement of holiday decorations can harm your comfort and savings. Blocking your vent and register with a tree can impede proper airflow and cause stress to the unit. Also, hiding your thermostat with decorations won’t allow the device to accurately read the temperature in your home. Either of the scenarios can cause your utility bills to go higher.

Use Rechargeable Battery

Instead of plugging the holiday decorations into your electrical outlets, you can use some battery-operated decorations as alternatives. Rechargeable batteries are more cost-effective compared to conventional batteries, and using them won’t cause you to rely completely on electricity.

Weather-Proof Your Home

The cracks and gaps around your home might be the ones responsible for the 10% heat loss. You’re more likely paying for a portion of your bill that simply goes to waste. Winterize your home this holiday season to reduce the heat loss and ensure that the money you pay doesn’t literally vanish into thin air. Go around your house and seal the cracks and gaps you have spotted.

Saving energy is often the simplest, yet the most overlooked thing in a home. This holiday, be cautious about how you use energy, but if you don’t know where to start, just follow our tips above.

For more energy-saving tips, feel free to contact us at Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating.

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