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Heating Tips for Your Home

heating tips for your home

When it comes to saving on your heating costs, even minimal changes will surely go a long way. We are not discussing here about major changes in your lifestyle. It is simply a matter of doing some minor adjustments with this or that. Here are some heating tips you can try at home.

Proper insulation is crucial.

One best heating tip for your home is to check your insulation. Check your attic, get behind the house walls, and then crawl into the crawlspace. If the insulation is worn and old, chances are you are losing an amount of energy by needing to run your heater or AC much harder. As much as possible, you should repair the old one or install new insulation. This will keep the warmth inside the house and will save you money down the line.

Windows are placed because of good reasons.

You may want to install double-pane thermal windows, as they are great in terms of trapping the heat transfer thru inserting a dead-air space between the windows. This will then enable your home to make the most out of the solar heating most especially during chilly weather.

Have your chimney inspected.

Even though your chimney has a working damper, it is unlikely to be airtight. Feel the draft by poking your hands up inside the flue. Knowing that most of the damping systems in the fireplace do not seal off the air infiltration coming from the outside, it makes sense to address that hole, as it is a huge one.

Adjust your home’s thermostat.

You can turn down your thermostat to 120 degrees. For those who are using dishwasher at home, they must keep it at 140 degrees. In addition to that, it is also advisable to turn down the heat during night-time especially during winter. A thick blanket will do to keep you warm all night.

Perform regular maintenance on your heating system.

Take note that efficiency is lost with poorly maintained heating systems. Get regular maintenance done and keep the exhaust filters as clean as possible.

Dial back the hot water setting.

To save on your heating costs, you can reduce the hot water use with low faucet aerators as well as low-flow showerheads. Jacket your heater and then wrap the hot water pipes. This is done to maximize the stand-by loss heat. If you want, you can install a timer to make the most out of a much cheaper off-peak power. If you want much bigger savings, you can ditch the tank and then invest in a more efficient tankless water heater.

Do not let heating costs burden you and your family. Follow the abovementioned heating tips to save on your energy bills and ensure great level of comfort all throughout the year. You can also ask for the advice of HVAC contractors near you about some simple heating tips. They have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with services to keep your heating system more efficient.

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