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Heater Repair Service Tolar

If you are looking for a dependable heating company for your heater repair in Tolar, TX, Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating is the right contractor for the job. We are trusted by homeowners and businesses throughout the Tolar area.

Experienced in all makes and models of your heating system, we can handle any project efficiently. With our help, sunny days and cold nights are no longer a threat to your comfort. Everyone can stay warm and comfortable.  Contact us today!

Signs that Your Heating System Needs Repair

As the temperature drops and the chilly weather starts to sit in, it is about time to turn your heating equipment to keep everyone safe and warm. However, as your comfort system ages, it will show some early signs.

Here are the signs that you have to look out for:

Weird Smells

Your heating equipment shouldn’t produce any funky or odd smell. If there’s a slight odor that only lasts for a few hours, it could be just due to burning dust in the duct system, which you don’t have to worry about.

However, if there’s a peculiar odor that doesn’t go away, it can be a sign of major heating system issues that experts should see right away.   These are broken mechanical or electrical components especially if it smells like burning rubber or plastic. You should not ignore this sign as this can be a prelude to a bigger problem.

Strange Noises

Have you heard screeching, banging, and clanging noises? Your heating equipment should operate quietly, but if it has unusual sounds that disrupt sleep, it can be a sign that it’s time for you to call expert HVAC professionals. This problem can be due to a loosened or worn-down belt that may need some replacement.

Cold Spots

Does your home or office doesn’t have an equal temperature even if the heating system is on? If yes, then it can possibly be due to problems in your duct system or your equipment is not efficient anymore.

Rising Energy Bills

A sudden surge of energy bills is also something that you have to keep an eye as well. If the heating system does have an undetected problem, it will work more than that it should. This leads to high utility costs.

Why Choose Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating?

Calling an expert is all you need to do to ensure that your heating system is handled well. We provide our customers with excellent service no matter the type or size of the project. We beat the competition in many different ways.

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Are you looking for dependable heater repair in Tolar, TX? We will get you covered! We will make sure that you are warm and comfortable throughout the season. Call us at 817-579-9377.