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We all know that heat pumps work best when fully functional, but what happens when it’s time to replace them? If your home is aging and you have noticed some significant changes in temperature throughout the seasons, then it might be time to start looking into replacing your heat pump.

At Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating, we provide you with more efficient heat pumps to keep you warm in the winter. We provide top-rated heater installation in Glen Rose, TX. Contact us today!

5 Ways to Know When it’s Time for a New Heat Pump

It can be tough to know when it’s time for a new heat pump. However, it’s important to know the early symptoms of failure to maintain your comfort. This article will go over the five signs that might indicate that you need to replace your heat pump soon.

Your heat pump is aging.

If you have an older unit, it could be time for a replacement. Of course, many variables can affect the lifespan of your system.

Still, if your coils are dirty and you notice lower efficiency levels than usual, then it’s worth checking in with a professional.

You’re noticing unusual vibrations and sounds.

If you’ve noticed bumps, screeches, or other odd noises coming from your system, then it’s time to have your unit inspected. These can be signs that the bearings are starting to fail, resulting in major problems down the road.

It might also just need some maintenance on the motors and checking for any loose connections or other issues.

Your system isn’t providing any warmth.

If your heat pump is on, but you’re not feeling any warmth from the vents, then it’s probably time to call someone. It could be that a coil has frozen over or other issues with the thermostat and heating cycle timing.

Either way, this will need an expert inspection as soon as possible to keep your family warm.

You’re noticing a decrease in your air quality.

If you are experiencing higher than normal dust levels, allergens, and other contaminants, then it’s time to replace them.

Again, this will also need an expert inspection before total replacement. To be certain, best to have your unit cleaned and maintained that could have affected your indoor air quality.

You have high electricity bills.

If you notice a constant increase in your electric bill, it’s likely due to the age of your system. As they get older, some elements will require more energy than newer models, which could lead to high costs for heating and cooling.

So, be sure to have your trusted heating specialists assess your unit. It may get subjected to replacement or repair.

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If you notice any other symptoms on our list, it’s time to get a professional opinion on what needs to be done. At Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating, we have been serving quality heating services for years. With our top-notch heater installation in Glen Rose, TX, we guarantee to leave you with 100% satisfaction.

If you have any questions or need help with anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (817) 579-9377, or you can visit us online! We provide expert advice for your system replacement options.