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Fall Furnace Maintenance Guide

Fall Furnace Maintenance Guide

One of the main reasons for furnace failure is lack of maintenance. Good thing basic furnace maintenance does not take too much time. Take note that lack of maintenance will lead to your system running inefficiently. Even though it may continue to function, it will cost you more money in the long run. Conduct fall furnace maintenance to keep your furnace in good condition and save you money.

Here is a fall furnace maintenance guide that can help you all throughout the process.

Change the air filter.

Furnace air filters are vital parts of any HVAC unit. They help prevent dirt, dust, and other debris from accumulating inside your furnace. Also, they help improve the quality of indoor air. Replace the air filter right before turning on your furnace for the cold weather season. This is because the air filters become clogged with dust and debris that hamper the airflow and worse, it cause costly damage to the system. HVAC experts recommend checking the air filters on a monthly basis and replacing them once every three months.

Seal and insulate the ductwork.

Ductwork is responsible for transporting the heated air all throughout your home. However, it is more likely to get damaged with age. When it happens, microscopic air contaminants may affect your indoor air. This can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms. Worst, it can negatively affect you and your family’s overall health. Tears, cracks, and other damages will reduce the performance of your furnace. One great way to address these issues is to utilize either a metal tape or mastic sealant. After that, insulate the ducts.

Clean/vacuum the floor vents.

Right after changing the air filters, cleaning the floor vents is your next task. Remove the vents’ covers using a vacuum hose attachment that is inserted inside the floor vents. Remove the debris that may be trapped inside. If you do not clean the floor vents now, chances are the debris will be pushed back into your home when your furnace begins to operate.

Things to Consider When Doing DIY Maintenance

While some of the DIY maintenance tips can help in ensuring your furnace is functioning, do not overlook a professional preventive maintenance and professional tune up. HVAC professionals have the expertise to determine the problems before they escalate into bigger ones, which is something typical homeowners could not do. Best of all, they can keep your furnace at home in tip top shape.

Contact the nearest HVAC professionals near you, as they would be able to address your furnace maintenance concerns and handle repairs on your unit. If you are unsure of what to do, professionals can do the work on your behalf. Though it might cost you some, turning to the pros is a wise decision you can make. Nothing compares to the costs that you might have to pay if you complicate the things by trying to do it yourself. Professional HVAC contractors will be able to perform proper furnace maintenance and other services your furnace may need.

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