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Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating Fan Coils for Heating & Cooling Systems

Here at Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating in Granbury Texas we like to educate our customers on different parts of their heating and cooling system so they understand all the different components that help keep them cool and warm. Let’s take a look at what a fan coil does within your HVAC system.

First of all, the term fan coil unit, will mean different things to different people in regards to output capability and size. However the two main types of fan coils are categorized as ones that draw through and ones that are blow through (the heat exchanger). Draw through units are more expensive, but considered to be a better product.

Fan coils will be found in residential and commercial buildings that have a HVAC system in place. Depending on the building and the system, the fan coil unit may be exposed or concealed. It is a device that helps control the temperature where it is installed, sometimes using ductwork, and is controlled by a thermostat or an on and off switch.

The coil works by receiving hot or cold water and then either adds or removes heat through a process known as heat transfer. The fan coil then circulates cold or hot water through a coil to provide either heating or cooling to a space. The fan coil also has the ability to dehumidify the air, therefore a condensate will develop and this is taken to a drain, this is why the fan coil unit has a drip tray.

Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating hopes this blog has clarified the role of the fan coil, and you can understand how important it is to make your HVAC system work efficiently. Fan coils should be kept clean and during a yearly checkup, your HVAC technician will examine them to make sure they are in good working order.

Coils Maintenance Tips – Texas Made

Cleaning your air conditioners coils will allow your A/C unit to run longer with increased efficiency. Experts recommend cleaning them in the spring before your unit is used extensively to combat the summer heat. Doing this will ensure the coils are in good working order before you need your unit the most! However, you can make it part of your routine maintenance throughout the year, or leave it up to your A/C technician when they perform their annual maintenance on your unit.

 If you choose to clean the coils yourself, it is advised to start by clearing away any debris from the outside unit such as grass and leaves.  Once this is done, shut off the power source to the A/C and remove the outer case allowing you to reach the access panels. Remove the top of the A/C unit being careful not to damage any wires, at this point it can be a good idea to vacuum off any dirt found on the fan and shaft. Sweep away dust and dirt from the A/C coils using a broom.

You can even spray the coils with water, or a biodegradable cleaner. The cleaner should be rinsed off and then use this opportunity to look over your coils for any obvious coil fin damage. The next step is reassembling the A/C and then relax, knowing your coils are clean.


Operating and Maintaining Your Heat Pump – Texas Made

With all cooling and heating systems, maintenance is the key to operating efficiently. If you operate your heat pump correctly, it will also save you money. If you discover that setting back your thermostat causes the backup heating to come on, be prepared for more expense. Heat pump performance can be degraded with continual indoor fan operation.

 The exclusion to this, is if your system is operated with a variable speed motor which is highly efficient. Therefore, you should run your system on the fan setting which reads auto.  Another option is to consider installing a thermostat which is programmable and has multistage functions specifically for a heat pump. Maintenance is important in regards to energy consumption.

 A neglected heat pump can cost you between 10 to 20 percent more energy, therefore running up your bill. Be sure to change filters on time, clear away debris, clean outdoor coils and read the manufactures suggestions for the best way to promote longevity for your heat pump. It is recommended that a technician looks over your heat pump roughly every two years to perform routine maintenance and hopefully catch small problems before they turn into large expensive ones. The technician will be able to offer you advice on how to get the most out of your heat pump and keep it running smoothly for as long as possible.

HVAC Maintenance and Energy Savings – Texas Made

HVAC maintenance and energy savings go hand in hand! It is a general rule, that when appliances are taken care of, maintained and looked after, they last longer and perform better. Preventive and predicative maintenance is crucial to ensuring a long, productive life for our HVAC systems at home or in the office. We take our car in for regular tune ups and oil changes, and we should have the same attitude in regards to our heating and cooling systems. There are numerous HVAC components (over 100) that if they are left to their own devices can result in energy performance degradation. The chart below taken from the building initiative efficiency site shows exactly how consistent maintenance can result in energy savings.

1-1-300x154 HVAC Maintenance and Energy Savings – Texas Made

2-232x300 HVAC Maintenance and Energy Savings – Texas Made

3-300x237 HVAC Maintenance and Energy Savings – Texas Made

Main type of HVAC Systems – Texas Made

There are many options when it comes to buying and choosing HVAC systems. The most common one being the split system heating and air conditioning system. You find them in businesses and in residential homes. They are called split systems because they have components that are located inside and outside. Split systems cool refrigerant to create cool air and can have a gas furnace to produce heat. They are normally inexpensive and very efficient.

The indoor air is circulated by ducts and assisted with evaporator coils or fan coils. The system is controlled using a thermostat. Newer systems allow you to control your thermostat via an app on your smartphone, so you can be in control of your temperature even if you are away from your house or business.

A Hybrid heat split system is even more energy efficient because they utilize a heat pump. The pump has the capability to heat or cool refrigerant and is completely electrically powered. If you are attempting to heat or cool a large area, a duct free split system used with a split system can get push cold air or heat into hard to reach areas.  If you do not have the space for a split system, packaged heating and AC systems are a viable option. They use a simple single unit, an AC or heat pump that merges with a fan coil or evaporator coil. It is a perfect alternative for temperature control in a small space.


Texas Made – Strategies for HVAC System

Strategies for HVAC System

Yes! You can have a strategic plan for your HVAC system that can save you money and allow your home or business to be heated and cooled more efficiently. The first place to start is considering upgrading or replacing your HVAC system if it is more than 10 years old. An outdated system can be a large financial burden on a household or business budget.

With a bit of research you may be surprised at the incentives and rebates offered by stores and government plans to assist in saving money. Be sure to look out for energy star products to reduce long term energy costs.   If you decide to upgrade, consider getting a demand controlled ventilation system which provides better air quality. It works by using a CO2 sensor which determines how many people are in a space and adjusts the amount of outside air versus recirculated air.

You can also use an economizer which ensures outside air is carried in when temperatures are cooler, therefore reducing effort on a cooling system. Part of your strategy should include a programmable thermostat. The largest benefit of one is allowing efficient temperature control.

The newer ones allow you set your temperature for seven days ahead of time and you can control it via an app on your phone. Set the thermostat based on how used your house or business will be at any given time. New thermostats greatly assist in encouraging energy efficient HVAC behavior and habits. As shown, having a strategy in place can help save you money when operating a HVAC system.


Texas Made

Refrigerant is a fluid mixture that is used in HVAC systems, one that has a heat pump and refrigerant cycle. It is common throughout cycles for it to transition from liquid to a gas and back to liquid. Working with refrigerant can make some people, if they are not a certified HVAC technician, uncomfortable. In fact, each state has different laws regarding what unlicensed homeowners can do with refrigerant. The U.S Environmental Protection Administration has laws in place regarding licenses. However, there are no federal laws instructing what a private citizen can do with their own AC.

It is normal practice for a refrigeration supply company to not sell refrigerants or other regulated supplies to unlicensed people. If you find an online source to buy refrigerant, be careful, as it may be an illegal source. Remember to not mix together different type of refrigerant, and some refrigerants must be transported and managed as hazardous waste. There are rules and regulations on how to dispose of refrigerant properly.

If you decide you want to recharge the refrigerant in your air conditioner, here are some steps to follow. Be sure to shut down your AC unit. There will be hoses coming from the gauge manifold, attach them to the AC’s pressure ports. Normally, the high pressure hose is red and connected to the liquid line. The blue hose is the low pressure hose and connects to the suction line which is the larger pipe. Switch your AC back on and allow it to run for fifteen minutes so the system can charge up.

If you AC is still experiencing problems and not running cool, it is probably time to call in a certified AC tech to do a once over and perform maintenance on the system.

Introducing the Texas Made Mobile App

Texas Made Heating and Air has a brand new app that brings clients many convenient features.  The app was designed to be user friendly and mimic the website with its colors and wording. The goal of the app is to make life easier for Texas Made customers, allowing them to utilize services after hours for added convenience.

The app can be downloaded for free from the App store or Android store.  The interactive app allows customers to schedule services directly, specify if they need a tune up/routine maintenance or service call and choose an available date and time. Users can fill out a registration form, get the directions to the company’s physical location, or with one touch of an icon call Texas made, email them and get to their website.

News can be read on the app and twitter updates from the company accessed. On the drop down box to the right, customers can locate coupons Texas Made will accept, read their informative bio and description about the company, and scan over reviews.

Customers can message Texas Made, share the app, enroll in a loyalty program, share photos and log onto social media platforms used by Texas Made.

Texas Made encourages their customers and potential customers to access their app and learn more about the company. If you still have any questions, or are finding it hard to navigate through the app, please call Texas Made and a representative will assist you.