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Texas Made How to choose an energy efficient heater

Sometimes you may find that your central heating system is too expensive to run as often as you would like, at the temperature you would be most comfortable in or you desire to have heat come in only to one room, or a centralized area.  If this is the case, then you have some energy. [Read more…]

Texas Made Heating and cooling energy saving tips

As consumers, we are always looking for ways to save money. In the household, the power bill can be one of the largest monthly bills you receive and your HVAC system the largest contributor to it. Here are some tips to save you energy. Make an educated decision when it comes to buying a new. [Read more…]

Coils Maintenance Tips – Texas Made

Cleaning your air conditioners coils will allow your A/C unit to run longer with increased efficiency. Experts recommend cleaning them in the spring before your unit is used extensively to combat the summer heat. Doing this will ensure the coils are in good working order before you need your unit the most! However, you can. [Read more…]