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8 Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning

There is more to know about the history of your air conditioning unit beyond what you can imagine. ┬áCheck out these 8 interesting facts about A/C units that will blow your mind. The Driving Factor Behind the Invention As you can see today, air conditioning units are used to save people from extreme discomfort in. [Read more…]

Problems With Old Air Conditioners

Age is merely a number to some but for air conditioning units, it is a big factor when it comes to efficient operation. Is your A/C old enough to provide the cooling demands of your home? Here are the problems that you might encounter when your unit gets older. These will remind you how immediate. [Read more…]

Ways to Make Your Family More Energy-Conscious

When the temperature in Granbury, TX gets hotter in summer, nothing beats the comfort given by your air conditioning units. But, will you still feel comfortable when you see piles of energy bills on the table waiting for your attention? Of course not! Do not settle with high energy consumption when you can make big. [Read more…]