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The Five Biggest Myths About Saving Energy in the Summer

We are still in the middle of summer, and we know that every time you find the thermostat breaks triple-digit numbers outside, you are flooded with thoughts on how to battle the heat and prevent breaking your bank. Unfortunately, not all of these ideas give a positive result; in fact, many of them lead you. [Read more…]

Refrigerants – What’s in your AC Unit, and Why Does It Matter?

An air conditioning unit is made up of complex parts and equipment which do magic in keeping you comfortable during the hottest days of the year. But even if it does wonders inside your home, the cold air that it generates is not entirely its own doing. It needs a little help from an important. [Read more…]

What Causes My Air Conditioning System to Rattle?

During its operation, your air conditioning system may produce various sounds. And the most common of these is the rattling noise. Do you have any idea about the causes of this strange noise? There can be different sources of it, but not all calls for complex A/C repairs. Begin your diagnosis by checking out these. [Read more…]