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Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating Fan Coils for Heating & Cooling Systems

Here at Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating in Granbury Texas we like to educate our customers on different parts of their heating and cooling system so they understand all the different components that help keep them cool and warm. Let’s take a look at what a fan coil does within your HVAC system. First. [Read more…]

Texas Made Air Conditioning Problems

In Granbury Texas, Texas Made can assist you with any problems your air conditioner experiences. Our trained technicians are on call to diagnose issues and present you with solutions. Some of the most common problems that your HVAC system can encounter are as follows. Low refrigerant can mean your air conditioner needs to be recharged. [Read more…]

Texas Made Winter Time Energy Saving Tips

Let’s discuss saving money this winter so you can have more cash in your pocket to spoil your loved ones with come Christmas! If you are fortunate enough to live in a house with lots of natural sunlight, utilize it to warm your house so you don’t have to run your heater as much. Pull. [Read more…]