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Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are a handy item to own to get you through the hot summer months. PAC’s or spot coolers as they can be called are nothing new, but have been increasing in popularity because they are compact, versatile, convenient and very cost effective. Depending on what model you choose, PAC’s are quite inexpensive.. [Read more…]

Hints to Cut the cost of Running your HVAC System

Staying comfortable temperature wise can be expensive. Running your HVAC system in the house or office can be the largest contributor to your power bill. Here are some tips to keep your power bill down. Consider replacing your old HVAC unit with a newer, more efficient system. Paying upfront for a new energy star rated. [Read more…]

Purpose of an HVAC System

Texas Made Your HVAC system is probably the most used, and hardest working appliance in your residence or business. It is the silent partner that keeps you, your family, pets and employees comfortable. It is fair to say that the purpose of an HVAC system is creating an ambient temperature, and therefore a comfortable environment. [Read more…]