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Main type of HVAC Systems – Texas Made

There are many options when it comes to buying and choosing HVAC systems. The most common one being the split system heating and air conditioning system. You find them in businesses and in residential homes. They are called split systems because they have components that are located inside and outside. Split systems cool refrigerant to. [Read more…]

Texas Made – Strategies for HVAC System

Strategies for HVAC System Yes! You can have a strategic plan for your HVAC system that can save you money and allow your home or business to be heated and cooled more efficiently. The first place to start is considering upgrading or replacing your HVAC system if it is more than 10 years old. An. [Read more…]


Texas Made Refrigerant is a fluid mixture that is used in HVAC systems, one that has a heat pump and refrigerant cycle. It is common throughout cycles for it to transition from liquid to a gas and back to liquid. Working with refrigerant can make some people, if they are not a certified HVAC technician,. [Read more…]