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Why Won’t My Furnace Stay Lit?

The last thing that you would want to experience is firing up your furnace on a cold winter day and getting nothing. There are different components in your furnace which need to work properly for the unit to stay lit. So if it does not turn on, chances are there may be one or more malfunctioning parts inside the system. Here are some factors that may require diagnosis:

Bad Thermocouple. A thermocouple controls the gas valve that provides fuel to keep the flame burning and acts as a heat sensor at the same time. When the pilot light goes out, the thermocouple closes the gas valve to prevent the gas from leaking into your home. A malfunctioning thermocouple closes the gas valve even when the pilot is on, causing restriction and preventing the pilot light to stay lit. The heat sensor may become dirty also after some time and this dirt can affect the operation of your furnace.

Burner Malfunction. The source of heat in your furnace is the burner and if it fails, there is no way to generate heat. A failing burner happens at lesser chance as compared to pilot light issues. This is commonly caused by blockage in the gas line which starves out the burner so ignition will not take place.

Other Possible Reasons:

Airflow restriction. Lack of proper airflow (mostly due to dirty filter) can cause your furnace to overheat. If this happens, the blower constantly runs to cool down the system and automatically reignite once it reaches the set temperature. If this continues however, the high limit control may fail and will not allow the furnace to reset. This time you may need a licensed professional to do the job.

Pressure Switch. The pressure switch contains a tube coming off the draft inducer. This tube is usually blocked by spiders’ nests and other debris which cause the pressure switch to malfunction.

Bad circuit board. If the problem lies in the circuit board, you need to call a licensed technician for help. Circuit boards have LED codes that provide indications of what is causing the problem. This is a more complicated issue and should not be done independently by homeowners with less knowledge and skill about the matter.

If you need an emergency furnace repair in Granbury, TX or in nearby areas, do not hesitate to call the experts at Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating.

5 Signs That You Need Your Air Ducts Cleaned

When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned? If you are not really sure if it’s the right time to schedule an air duct cleaning, here are the signs that you need to consider.

  1. Mold Growth

The presence of mold is an indication of  dirty air ducts. Molds are dangerous particles that trigger asthma, allergy and breathing difficulties to members of the family. Excess moisture in the air ducts causes the appearance of mold on the vent covers. If this happens, schedule a professional duct cleaning right away to sanitize the affected area.

  1. Excessive Debris

Dust, dirt and other debris can gather in the air ducts over time and may restrict the air flow. If you happen to see these particles being forced out of your vents when you start to run the system, you may need to have your air ducts cleaned right away. If cleaning is delayed, the dirt and other debris can block air flow and bring stress on your heating and cooling system.

  1. Clogged Air Filter

The air filter is one of the major components of your HVAC system that needs to be maintained at a regular rate. If the air filter is filled with dirt and dusts, it prevents proper air flow and may bring negative effects on the unit. Also, a clogged air filter prevents air from passing through, causing dirt and debris to gather in the air duct.

  1. Pest Infestation

Are you having issues with insects and rodents recently? These pests find your air ducts a nice place to stay and sometimes find their way into your ventilation system. They might be leaving waste particles and other virus and bacteria which can spread in your home. Have your air ducts cleaned to get rid of dead rodents and insects a well as unwanted particles they may have left behind.

  1. Increased Energy Bill

If you notice an excess hike in your utility bill, this could mean that your heating and cooling system is working harder, consuming more that the right amount of energy for your comfort. Most of the time, the cause is restricted air flow due to dirt build up. Clean both air filters and air ducts to bring back your unit’s proper operation.

If you think now’s the time to have your air ducts cleaned, feel free to call the professionals at Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating.


It’s Time to Throw out Your Old Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Even a short-time exposure to high concentration of CO can lead you to your death. That’s why carbon monoxide detectors are important equipment inside the home. However, just like any other home devices, you don’t expect your CO detector to serve you forever.

Just like all other safety devices, you’ll see a manufacturer’s note at the back of your CO detector which indicates the expiration date. Be sure not to take this information for granted for your family’s health and yours depend on it.

The Importance of Carbon Monoxide Detector

Since carbon monoxide is a natural gas, its presence is inevitable. What seems to be the problem however is that greater concentration of it can affect one’s health, and even leads to death in some cases. The fact that this gas is odorless, colorless and tasteless, there’s no way that you can detect it with your keen senses.

That’s if you don’t have a well installed and properly operating carbon monoxide detector in your home. Be it a battery-operated unit or a hard wired device, you need to have one mounted on your wall. It’s also important that you understand how it works and how it helps prevent the possible effects of carbon monoxide.

What Contributes To High Carbon Monoxide Level?

Fuel burning appliances of any type has the greatest contribution of carbon monoxide content inside your home. This is especially caused by poor unit maintenance and if the appliance already damaged but still in use. Some appliances include:

  • Oil heating appliances such as burners and furnaces
  • Bio or agricultural type of heating stoves
  • Any oil or natural gas furnace
  • Wood burning products like fireplace and parlor stove.
  • Products which use gas and diesel

Symptoms of CO Poisoning

The first warning signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are headaches, nausea and dizziness which start from mild to severe. The symptoms become worse when the CO gas starts to invade and build up in your blood. You may now feel unexplained drowsiness, fast heartbeat, vision problems and even seizures for severe cases.

When Is the Time for CO Detector Replacement?

CO detector replacement depends on the model. Some recommend 4 years while others 6 years. It’s a good idea to have a yearly CO detector testing to ensure a safe and healthy living space.

If you suspect a CO leak in your home, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating.

Top 5 Air Filtration Systems for Homes

Allergies are the commonly reported problems when it comes to indoor air quality. Whether you’re just having the symptoms or you’re already experiencing somewhere in between mild and extreme allergy condition, the technicians at Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating recommend a home air filtration system to keep your indoor air quality safe and healthy.

How Does An Air Filtration System Work?

Air filtration system is the best remedy to combat and remove airborne contaminants in the air before you breathe them. It does the same operation as all other air cleaners: the air flows through a machine and here happens the filtration process to get rid of contaminants and other pollutants that can trigger allergy symptoms. Here are 5 different types of air filtration system that you can choose from:

  1. HEPA Filter. When it comes to filtering microscopic and harmful air chemicals, you can always count on a HEPA filter. Because of its greater efficiency in trapping microorganisms such as bacteria, they exceed the test procedures even for the highest MERV rating. Aside from the filtering chemicals and airborne particles, the waves of activated carbon based materials present in HEPA filters can also absorb bad odors.
  2. UV Light. It is mostly used in conjunction with a good air filtration system. UV lights do not trap or filter harmful chemicals but these are excellent tools in killing harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses present in the air.
  3. Media Filter. If you are using a 1” air filter, think of upgrading it to media air filtration system. They can trap airborne particles such as dust, spores, pollens and other contaminants up to 40% more efficient than traditional 1” air filters.
  4. On Demand Air Purifiers. As compared to media filters and other types of air purifiers, on demand air purifiers can work even if your air conditioning unit or furnace system is off. This is especially important when the allergy season starts and you need more from your air filtration system.
  5. UV Light with Air Purifier. The combination of air purifiers and UV light technology is an effective air filtrate system. Some solutions even remove zapped contaminants to prevent them from recirculating in the air.

Contact Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating to learn more about air filtration system or to schedule installation and maintenance service for your heating and cooling units.

Helpful Ways To Find Those Sneaky Drafts

You might be wondering why your heating bill rises drastically over the winter even if you had your furnace upgraded and maintained. Have you checked your home’s insulation? You may find the culprit on those sneaky drafts you never think existed.

Save your home from this stressful and truly expensive circumstance by finding and eliminating these sneaky drafts in your home.

Catch the air movement.

 There are delicate drafts which you cannot easily detect. Fortunately, there are simple and cheap procedures that you can do. Light a candle and walk through your home with your HVAC system turned off. If the flame flickers, then there’s air movement in that area. You can also use a draft detector that releases an odorless smoke which reacts on a moving air.

Feel it.

Since the temperature in your home is warmer than the outside, try to move your hands along the edges of your doors and windows and see if you can feel cold air flowing from the outside. You can do the same on the other parts of your home. This time, you can walk through the area and see if you can feel cold air in a certain spot.

Get professional help.

If you’re that concerned of these drafts, contact your local HVAC technician and schedule a household energy audit. They usually use thermographic imaging to find the presence of cold breezes. It displays the heat patterns in all parts of your home and easily identifies the cold spots in the area.

Technicians can also perform a blower door pressurization test which is the first procedure in home energy audit. This is an effective way to find drafts in the basements and attics where drafts hide most.

Dealing with Drafts

Spray Foam. For cracks between ¼ and 3 inches, spray foams are better to use. If it’s your first, you can start by dispensing it onto newspapers. Spray the area with water before and after to cure fast.

Caulk. For cracks that are ¼ inch wide or smaller, a caulk is best to use. For doors and windows, choose long-lasting and made for outdoor use.

Insulation. The most common cause of drafts is poor insulation. Increase your home insulation especially in the basement and attics.

Need a professional home energy audit in Granbury, TX? Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating is just around the corner!

Don’t Make This The Last Winter For Your Furnace

Investing in a heating and cooling system is not some kind of a joke. That’s why it’s every homeowner’s goal to get the most out of their investment. If you’re not that confident about your furnace, check out these helpful tips that can extend the service period of your unit.

Replace air filter. One of the main causes of early system breakdown is dirty air filter. Furnace filters are important components of your system because they trap those particles that can pollute the air you breathe. This however needs to be maintained because the trapped particles can clog the filter which then causes great stress on its operation. As a result; your system will consume more energy and eventually breaks.

Check the components for leaks. Pay extra attention to those holes, cracks and leaks in the parts of your furnace. These allow for heated air to escape which means your furnace needs to work harder to meet the temperature set in your thermostat. The longer you run your furnace, the greater energy it consumes. The trouble doesn’t end there because it can cause the equipment to overheat and the system fails completely.

Make sure that your thermostat is set properly. Your thermostat plays a big role in connecting your HVAC system to you and your property. If your thermostat malfunctions, the settings can be affected and may send wrong information on the furnace. Chances are, your furnace will heat you home less or it will run longer to meet the setting given by your malfunctioning thermostat. Either of these can lead to poor comfort and early system retirement.

Have a regular maintenance schedule. Being proactive on your furnace is always a good choice. Preventive maintenance should be the first on your list. It may sound like an additional expense but you’ll surely get back on the outflow with a more efficient and reliable unit. Regular inspection and maintenance identify and fix those small issues which can cause your furnace to malfunction.

A furnace can serve you for 15 years or longer and it’s already a great return on your investment. Get the most out of it by keeping in touch with your local heating and cooling company in Granbury, Texas. Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating is just around the corner! Drop by or call our friendly professionals if you need maintenance or repair services for your HVAC systems.

Why HVAC Maintenance Is Best This Fall

You might be wondering why of all the seasons, fall is the best time to hire a qualified service company such as Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating to maintain your heating and cooling units. Well, here are just the reasons why.

It’s not that hard to get in touch with HVAC contractors.

Let’s face it, contractors are really hard to find during peak seasons. Fall doesn’t call for too much dependence on heating and cooling system, so HVAC contractors are less busy this time of the year. When you request for emergency services during winter, you still need to wait 3-5 days before a technician knocks on your door. At fall, it’s the contractors who hunt for clients, so expect in minutes or hours, services are given to your HVAC units.

It saves you from expensive emergency HVAC services.

Fall maintenance is a good preparation for the cold wave, where you’ll be in need of your HVAC system 24/7. Before the peak temperature, you’ll be able to identify problems and provide solution before they complicate everything. Since maintenance and small repairs cost less than emergency call services and system replacement, you’ll definitely end up saving yourself from great expense.

It prepares your system for the next cold wave.

Fall is the best time to see if your heating and cooling system is good to go this winter season. Testing your units ahead of the peak temperature will save you from unexpected system failure and discomfort during the coldest time of the year. Aside from cutting some expenses, it will definitely give you peace of mind.

We can’t stress the value of fall preventive maintenance enough. The last thing you want to experience is being caught up in the freezing temperature with a failing furnace.

The best way to be sure not to miss an annual fall maintenance is to enroll in a maintenance agreement with your trusted heating and cooling contractor. At Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating, you’ll enjoy priority services, great discounts and many other advantages just by signing up on our maintenance contract.

Why Should You Upgrade your HVAC System

HVAC upgrade is undeniably expensive, but savvy home and business owners would still opt for system upgrade for greater savings and better comfort in the long run. Here are good reasons why you need to upgrade your heating and cooling system.

Increases Fire Safety

As your systems age, expect that electrical wiring and other parts become more prone to fire hazards- which can be detrimental to your home and business. A professionalHVAC technician can check the wiring that connects to your heating and cooling system so that proper replacement and repair can be done.

More Efficient Unit

 There are different breakthroughs in technology nowadays and newer units take advantage of these innovation. That’s why they are more efficient to use. With reduced amount of energy consumed, upgraded units are really beneficial to your wallet and to the environment as well.

Availability of Repair Parts

Some components of outdated HVAC units are difficult to locate. You may need to search from one store to another and if you find one, the cost can be expensive. Investing in newer models is a better choice since all parts are available. It can also save you from costly repairs.

Improves Air Distribution

Older units are prone to molds and other airborne substances that can affect the air quality inside your home and establishment. Air filter replacement might not be enough especially if your unit is already old. Installing a new HVAC unit can improve the quality of air inside. It even helps improve the distribution of air to the different parts of your home and office.

When should you upgrade your HVAC?

Upgrading your heating and cooling system is the best choice when you consistently run your units for more than 10 years now, when you’ve been faced to frequent repairs and replacement of some major components and when you’re energy bill is drastically increasing. If you already feel these symptoms in your HVAC systems, start shopping for a brand new unit before it’s too late.

Call an HVAC Professional

Let the professionals at Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating conduct an assessment of your home and energy consumption. We can help in giving you the upgrade that’s right and just.


5 Careless Mistakes That Can Void HVAC Warranty

The second concern when purchasing a heating and cooling system is the warranty. After getting the information about the unit itself, customers then ask what the product and service warranty includes. This somehow affects their decision whether to get the contract or find another company to place their investment.

Let’s just say that you find the right unit for your home and even get the best warranty offer. That’s a good catch! However, having a warranty doesn’t mean it’s fine if your system fails due to your carelessness or other reasons. No! Your negligence may cause your warranty to be void. Here’s a rundown of the mistakes that can void your HVAC warranty.

          1.  Not Registering The Warranty

The best part after purchasing a product is using it. Due to extreme excitement for the new investment, many homeowners forgot to fill out the warranty form. What they don’t know is that failing to register may void the warranty, or if not, may cause delay maintenance and repair services.

          2.  Using Third-Party Replacement Parts

HVAC manufacturers suggest the use of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for their units. While using off-brand products are also safe to use, they’re not tested for compatibility with the system and may cause problems to the unit. Using third-party products can void your warranty and may leave you hanging when something goes bad in your system.

           3.  Improper System Installation

Warranty may become void if the system is not properly installed. Most HVAC issues happen because of incorrect installation and the manufacturers are not liable for that. That’s why it’s always necessary to let a professional HVAC technician install your systems.

            4.  Poor Maintenance

Regular maintenance is an important requirement for any HVAC unit. It should be done at least twice a year by a licensed HVAC technician to maintain the efficiency of the system.  Air conditioner manufactures now mandates that you have your air conditioner maintained to keep your AC warranty valid.

            5.  Failure To Provide The Necessary Documentation

Be sure to keep all documents regarding your purchase of the product as well as regular maintenance services. There are instances when warranty becomes void due to failure to providing proofs of regular service tune-up.

If you have concerns about warranties and home comforts, contact the professionals at Texas Made Heating and Air Conditioning. Residential and commercial HVAC works are our expertise.

Thermostat Buying Guide

Savvy homeowners use thermostats to control the temperature in their home. It’s a smart choice but even smarter if you know what kind of thermostat to buy. Just like with all other HVAC components, getting the right thermostat for your home is crucial in getting the right comfort and savings that you need. Good thing, this thermostat buying guide will lead you all the way.

 Type of Thermostat

The main technologies involved in the operation of thermostats are electromechanical and electronic. Both can be used for most types of air conditioners, heating systems, gas and oils.

Of the two, most homeowners prefer an electronic thermostat since it is quicker to respond in temperatures changes and has better controls as compared to electromechanical types. You can set the temperature of the room at specific degree when you leave home and your programmable electric thermostat will adjust to the temperature changes so that you’ll feel comfortable when you arrive. This can surely help you get rid of wasted energy.

Thermostat and Equipment Compatibility

The systems that you want to be controlled by your thermostat are big considerations in purchasing. There are thermostats designed to control only single equipment such as furnace and there are also those which can control two stages support. If your equipment works in many stages, make sure to buy a thermostat hat can handle the operation. You will gain maximum efficiency if your programmable thermostat is compatible with your systems.

Energy Saving

This is probably your top reason why you shifted to programmable thermostat. Every brand of thermostat has energy saving features. More advanced models even send reports about your energy consumption and provide tips for efficient use of your HVAC systems. These types of thermostat are worth your investment.

Programing Flexibility and Remote access

With programmable thermostats, you are given full freedom to control your home’s temperature whenever away from home. Just make sure to connect it to your Wi-Fi then change the behavior of your thermostat via the apps.

An additional feature for thermostats is its flexibility in programming. You just need to fix the temperature schedule and in some types, thermostats are able to learn your heating and cooling habits and make daily adjustments in your home’s temperature based on them.

Choosing the right thermostat can be a bit tricky. Make sure to ask for suggestions from your trusted HVAC experts as to which one fits your home.