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5 Problems Caused By a Faulty Ductwork in the Summer

5 Problems Caused By a Faulty Ductwork in the Summer

Defective ductwork can create several issues in your home and comfort. Your indoor air could become musty and your house would become less comfortable. Your duct system becomes damaged when it is improperly designed, insulated, or if it has leakage, affecting the proper function of your air conditioner.

Here are the five problems you could encounter with faulty ductwork in the summer:

Hot and Cold Spots

Have you ever wondered why one of the rooms inside your home feels colder than the others? This particularly happens when your duct system is damaged or not insulated properly. Contact the pros of Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating to check and fix this problem to balance your home temperature.

Noisy Operation

Sometimes, whistling and popping could be heard when your air conditioner operates. This could happen because the ductwork has developed cracks and leaks over time. The air can escape through the openings and can cause strange sounds, especially when you use your unit continuously.


Sometimes, the smells that circulate in your home are mistakenly suspected of coming from the A/C itself. What you don’t know is that your duct could also be the culprit of these foul odors. The moist that had accumulated in your duct system becomes the breeding ground for mildew, mold, and other microorganisms, which later create a nasty smell inside your home.

Indoor Air Quality Issues

Harmful contaminants and allergens might be fouling the air you breathe. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), smog, pet dander, dust, and other forms of airborne pollutants can circulate inside your duct and into your home. Leaving the problem unfixed could cause allergies and other health-related issues. Regular check-up and cleaning of your air ducts are required to help you avoid these problems in the future.

Poor Airflow

Your indoor space will never be as comfortable as it should when your duct is faulty. One of the causes of this discomfort is leaky ductwork. If your air duct leaks, a part of the conditioned air will not go into your living space. The air becomes stuffy because not enough of it is circulating inside your home.

Need Quality Duct Services in Arlington, TX?

Are you currently experiencing these problems in your Arlington, TX home? Then, don’t delay the solution. Here at Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating, we provide duct services to keep your home clean, safe, and comfortable for you and your family.

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