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5 Hottest Trends in the HVAC Industry

5 Hottest Trends in the HVAC Industry

A few years ago, solar, geothermal, and ductless systems became popular in the HVAC industry. They’re also the must-have systems for consumers who are looking for efficient and convenient comfort solutions.

Nowadays, manufacturers have discovered new ways to keep our home and business comfortable, efficient, and safe with the use of the latest systems. Take a look at these five (5) hottest trends in the HVAC industry today:

Bluetooth-Enabled Air Filter

This smart filter comes with a pressure sensor and an app that sends alerts to users when it’s time for filter replacement. This means that when your filter is clogged with too much dirt, you will receive an automatic reminder. The app even helps you figure out the size and numbers of filters needed for the replacement.

Motion-Activated HVAC

Motion-activated HVAC has the same functionality as motion-activated lighting. As the name suggests, the system works when it senses movement in a space where it is installed. It will turn on when it detects you entered the room and turn off when you leave. It is the best option for energy-conscious homeowners.

Digital Zoning Systems

With your programmable or smart thermostat, you can now control your space’s individual or different zones through zoning systems. The system uses a sensor-driven vent instead of the traditional home vents. Also, it comes with an app for convenient temperature control in each room of your home or business.

Thermally-Driven HVAC

This system uses fluid evaporation like low-pressure water to make your indoor space more comfortable. It also uses solar energy to provide efficient comfort, especially to spaces that require a large amount of cooling capability. This is ideal for homes or businesses with large spaces.

Data Tracking Apps

With this application, home and business owners can effectively get real-time data, monitor system efficiency, and know when the unit needs repair. The app takes all the pain of manually doing it all. This innovation helps users control their energy usage and keep their HVAC running in peak efficiency.

These innovations have shaped the future of HVAC systems. Many home and business owners are happy about using them due to the convenience they offer. Thanks to the dedicated manufacturers who never stop finding solutions to make our space comfortable and efficient.

If you need to know more about these systems or looking for help with your HVAC installation, repair, or maintenance needs, then trust our experts. Talk to us at Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating today.

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