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5 Common Duct Problems In Your Home This Fall

5 Common Duct Problems In Your Home This Fall

Are you experiencing poor airflow, strange noises, foul odors, hot and cold spots, and poor indoor air quality in your home this fall season? Perhaps you mistakenly blame your HVAC system for these! What we do not know is that all these problems are also caused by failing, improperly designed or dirty ducts, which later will result in high energy bills and discomfort. Let us find out more about duct issues so you would understand them better.

Here are the common duct problems you can encounter in your home this fall season:

  1. Dirty Duct

Take note that your indoor air can become much dirtier than the outdoors, especially if you have not cleaned your air ducts for quite some time. Germs, dust, allergens, and other air pollutants may thrive in the ducts. As the heated air passes through it, these bad microorganisms can circulate inside your home and might put your health at risk. Improve your indoor air by getting a duct cleaning service today.

  1. Poor Duct Insulation

Ducts that are not insulated correctly can cause the heated air to escape and cannot find its way to rooms where it is needed most. Take note also that when your ductwork is not insulated properly, your HVAC system will exert more effort and utilize more energy to reach the most comfortable temperature you require from it. So be sure to insulate your duct properly to improve efficiency and comfort.

  1. Poor Register Sealing

If your registers are not sealed properly at the duct connection, the heated air might escape before it reaches your rooms, causing air loss and discomfort in your living space. Would you pay for the price of heated air that just escapes and does not even get inside your room? Of course, not! Then be sure to seal your registers right away.

  1. Leaky Duct

A leaky ductwork can cause inefficiency problems with your HVAC unit. Also, leaks can also allow the outside pollutants to enter your home through your ducts, causing poor indoor air quality and health-related problems to all occupants. So before these problems get worse, have your ducts sealed as early as now.

  1. Improperly Designed Ductwork

Improperly designed ductwork cannot supply and return the needed air to effectively heat your home. Take note that even if you have an efficient temperature setting in your thermostat and your HVAC system is on its initial year of use, inefficiency can still be experienced if your ductwork is not installed properly. This is the reason why professional duct installation is always necessary.

Your air ducts can make or break your HVAC system’s efficiency and your overall comfort! The best way to enjoy its benefits throughout the fall and the coming winter is to have a complete duct evaluation. Here at Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating, we use innovative equipment to accurately and thoroughly diagnose your air duct issues. Call us today!


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