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Start Your New Year with a New HVAC System

Starting the New Year with a new HVAC system in your Granbury, TX home is a great opportunity. A new unit means higher efficiency and better performance. But how would you know if new comfort equipment is needed and why should you replace the old system this New Year? Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating will help you decide, so keep reading.

How old is your HVAC system?

The older your HVAC system gets, the more inefficient it likely becomes. Our certified technicians recommend replacing your comfort equipment when your system ages. An aging system is associated with many problems, including frequent breakdowns, high utility bills, strange noises, odors, and more. When you notice these issues, then buying a new HVAC this New Year is a wise move.

Are your heating and cooling bills rising dramatically?

Regular system maintenance surely can help lower your heating and cooling costs. But if your energy bill continues to rise, then buying a new HVAC might be the smartest solution. If you have a tight budget, talk to us so we can discuss our financing program.

Is your HVAC keeping your home comfortable?

Uneven temperature and persistent discomfort indoors are clear signs that your HVAC system isn’t working in optimal condition. While repair can solve these issues, it’s not a practical solution when you’re frequently paying for the service. Consider investing in a new HVAC this New Year and enjoy a comfortable and efficient home for years.

Are you burning through money with frequent repairs?

Your hard-earned savings will go in an instant with all those frequent and costly repairs on your comfort system. Often, replacement becomes the most practical solution when the cost of the repairs almost reaches 50% of the price of the new HVAC system. Buying a new unit might be a big investment upfront, but the cost can be compensated by efficient operation and better performance in the long run.

Does poor indoor air quality bother your family?

There’s more to your HVAC than just heating or cooling your home. It also manages the indoor air quality by providing ventilation, filtering allergens, and balancing the humidity level. If your system doesn’t work properly, it might hurt your family, particularly those who suffer from allergies and respiratory issues. Consider investing in a new HVAC to start the New Year with a fresh and clean home for your loved ones. Your home should be comfortable all year round. But if your HVAC is failing to do its job anymore, then consider replacing it with a new and efficient one. Contact Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating for professional installation.

Noises In Your Furnace: What Are They and What They Mean?

Your furnace unit ideally creates a soft humming sound during operation. But if you heard strange and distracting noises that are new to you, then your system is in great trouble. These sounds send a signal that you need to call your local HVAC company for expert inspection and repair. Here are the five (5) strange furnace sounds and their meanings:

Grinding Sound

Grinding sound is caused by a loose wheel. While tightening it may solve the issue, in most cases, it requires replacement. This sound also occurs if your motor mount needs a repair. Be sure to call your technician to find the root of the problem and perform a repair.

Rattling Sound

The rattling sound commonly occurs when something is stuck in the air filter. As the air blows, the object flaps in the wind and hits the side of your unit, which creates a rattling noise. You are lucky if this is the case since you only need to clean your air filter and position it back to its place. But if you already did this and still hear the rattling sound, then it is time to call the professionals as it indicates a more serious issue.

Booming Sound

You can blame this problem to the combustion fuels and by-products of natural gas that gather inside your unit. They can create a partial blockage to your burner assembly and make a booming sound as your furnace operates. So make sure to call your local technician to clear them out in your unit.

Squealing Sound

The squealing sound is caused by the accumulated dust and dirt in the air filter. The tiny space left for the air to escape causes a whistling sound as your unit operates. Sometimes, this noise is created by the friction of your unit’s moving parts that work close to each other. This happens due to lack of lubrication, so call a technician to inspect the parts and apply some lubricant solution to them.

Thumping Sound

A thumping sound is heard if your blower wheel loses its balance. This problem is serious and you need to report it at the moment you hear it. Call your technician immediately to address your unit’s problem and get your comfort back once again. Neglecting these sounds can cause your unit’s parts to break, or worse might require you to have a full unit replacement. Our professionals at Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating have the knowledge and skills to solve all your HVAC issues (including strange sounds) this cold season. Set your appointment with us now.