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10 Energy Saving Tips for Spring

As the weather switches and you turning to air conditioners, it is important that you have ideas about how you can lower your energy consumption this year. So, before the first energy bill of the season arrives, be sure to follow these ten (10) energy saving tips for spring:
  1. Open Your Windows

By opening your window, you can create a cross-wise breeze that allows the outside air to enter and cool your home naturally without turning on your A/C. Do this when the temperature outside is mild.
  1. Use Your Ceiling Fans

Your thermostat will be raised by up to four degrees by cooling your home using ceiling fans. This tactic will help reduce your energy consumption without compromising your family’s comfort.
  1. Cook Outdoors

The heat generated by cooking has a significant effect on the overall temperature of your home. Keep the heat out of your living space by cooking outside using outdoor grills instead of kitchen ovens.
  1. Seal Cracks and Holes

A heavy winter could have damaged the seals around your windows and doors. Make sure to check for cracks and holes and seal them using weather-stripping or caulk sealant.
  1. Switch on Your Bathroom Fans

To help reduce the heat inside your home and improve overall comfort, turn on your bathroom fans. They suck the heat and humidity from the inside and throw them out.
  1. Seal Ductworks

The air that escapes through your ductwork can result in higher energy consumption and increased energy bill. It accounts for almost 30% of the energy consumed. So seal and insulate your duct to save energy and money.
  1. Calibrate Your Thermostat

Setting your programmable thermostat higher when you are not around could help lower your utility costs by nearly 10%. Take advantage of your thermostat’s programming feature to set it at its most efficient temperature level based on your daily routine.
  1. Reduce the Use of Artificial Lights

During the day when the sun is high, turn off artificial lights and bring in some natural sunbeams by opening your windows and doors to brighten your home.
  1. Use Window Treatments

Shades, blinds, and films are some of the window treatments that could slash heat gain if the temperature is high. Not only do they improve your home’s appeal, but they also reduce your energy costs.
  1. Schedule a Service for Your Cooling System

Regular maintenance should be scheduled before or on the first few days of the spring. Any potential issue that might affect the overall performance of your A/C is addressed and fixed before it costs big time. Are you looking for more energy-savings tips for spring? Contact our team at Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating today.

Preparing Your HVAC for the Spring Season

Spring season is the best time of the year to maintain your heating and cooling system and make sure it is running properly until the next seasons. As you inch closer to spring, be sure to include these maintenance tips on your to-do list to get your system ready for warmer weather. Here’s how you can prepare your HVAC for the spring season: Upgrade Your Thermostat Use the beginning of a new season as an excuse to replace your old thermostat. Installing a new thermostat will help you regulate your indoor temperature better. Also, it helps lower your utility bill by ensuring that your HVAC system is running at its most efficient condition whether you are at home or away. Change Your Air Filter You may have heard this tip a lot of times, but you should know that changing your air filter is essential when it comes to indoor air quality matters. Replacing your filters can also boost your HVAC system’s efficiency and make it easier for the unit to perform its job. We suggest changing your air filter at least once a month. Check Your Ductwork The beginning of spring is the perfect time to call your local HVAC contractor to inspect your ductwork. This critical part of your heating and cooling system may occasionally cause air leaks, but repairing it could actually make a huge difference in your comfort and savings. With professional inspection and repair, you can have a more efficient system that cools and heat your home better. Clean Your Outdoor Unit A heavy winter may leave unwanted debris near your outdoor unit. This makes it essential for you to check and clear out the debris that sits around the system. An overgrown garden could be getting in the way as well. When planning to remove this debris and other blockages all by yourself, be sure to do it properly without damaging your unit. To ensure proper cleaning and complete inspection, do not hesitate to call the experts. Schedule Your Spring Maintenance While changing air filter seems like a simple job that requires a simple DIY solution, the inspection, repair, and new installation are the rigorous jobs that are best left to experts. Be sure to schedule your spring maintenance to the experts for complete diagnosis of your comfort system and your home. Our team at Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating will help get your HVAC system ready for the spring season and the next. Call us for professional spring heating and cooling maintenance.