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Easy Home Improvement Projects & Upgrades For the Winter

If you are like most homeowners in Granbury, TX, maybe you have spent a lot of time indoors lately preparing your home for the winter. Home improvement projects and upgrades can increase the value of your property, prevent costly issues from developing, and help you save some cash on your monthly energy bills.

Here are the home improvement projects and upgrades you can do this winter:

  • Caulk Your Windows and Doors

Holes and cracks around your windows and doors can cause the heated air to leak. Apply caulk to damaged areas to keep the heated air inside and ensure a tight sealing around the interior trim. Also, check the external caulking for cracks and fix them.

  • Seal Gaps Around Walls

Even the smallest cracks around your walls can cause drafts and won’t keep your home warm. Be sure to seal them using expanding foam, particularly on areas where pipes are put in to reduce air loss. You can even add an affordable foam insulation to prevent drafts from blowing in behind switch plates.

  • Add Insulation

Beefing up your home insulation, especially in attics and basement can definitely keep your home warm throughout the winter months. It promotes a more even indoor temperature and eliminates cold spots.

  • Winterize Your Radiators

This is an easy project you can do yourself. Simply place the aluminum foil on your wall behind radiators to reflect the heat outwards into your room. Make sure that your radiators are bled properly to remove inefficient air gaps.

  • Invest In Energy Audit

Get a professional energy audit if you have no idea which project to start first. The auditor can come to your house and conduct a test to find the root of inefficiency issues and provide you with a list of tasks should prioritize this winter.

  • Tune-Up Your Heating System

Your heating system has been sitting there for a long time. Have you scheduled a professional tune-up before it kicks in? If not, then do it now! The service can include cleaning of the internal parts of your unit, repair and replacement of damaged components, recalibrating your thermostat, replacing your dirty air filter, checking the battery of your CO detector, etc. Before you reach the height of winter, be sure to sign up for a professional tune-up and maintenance for your heating system.

The winter season has just started and you still have enough time to catch up. Be sure to include these simple projects and upgrades on your checklist. Also, don’t forget to ask for professional assistance. Our experts at Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating helps get your HVAC system and home ready throughout the winter. Call us to get started!

Noises In Your Furnace: What Are They and What They Mean?

Your furnace unit ideally creates a soft humming sound during operation. But if you heard strange and distracting noises that are new to you, then your system is in great trouble. These sounds send a signal that you need to call your local HVAC company for expert inspection and repair.

Here are the five (5) strange furnace sounds and their meanings:

  • Grinding Sound

Grinding sound is caused by a loose wheel. While tightening it may solve the issue, in most cases, it requires replacement. This sound also occurs if your motor mount needs a repair. Be sure to call your technician to find the root of the problem and perform a repair.

  • Rattling Sound

The rattling sound commonly occurs when something is stuck in the air filter. As the air blows, the object flaps in the wind and hits the side of your unit, which creates a rattling noise. You are lucky if this is the case since you only need to clean your air filter and position it back to its place. But if you already did this and still hear the rattling sound, then it is time to call the professionals as it indicates a more serious issue.

  • Booming Sound

You can blame this problem to the combustion fuels and by-products of natural gas that gather inside your unit. They can create a partial blockage to your burner assembly and make a booming sound as your furnace operates. So make sure to call your local technician to clear them out in your unit.

  • Squealing Sound

The squealing sound is caused by the accumulated dust and dirt in the air filter. The tiny space left for the air to escape causes a whistling sound as your unit operates. Sometimes, this noise is created by the friction of your unit’s moving parts that work close to each other. This happens due to lack of lubrication, so call a technician to inspect the parts and apply some lubricant solution to them.

  • Thumping Sound

A thumping sound is heard if your blower wheel loses its balance. This problem is serious and you need to report it at the moment you hear it. Call your technician immediately to address your unit’s problem and get your comfort back once again.

Neglecting these sounds can cause your unit’s parts to break, or worse might require you to have a full unit replacement. Our professionals at Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating have the knowledge and skills to solve all your HVAC issues (including strange sounds) this cold season. Set your appointment with us now.