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Ways to Make Your Family More Energy-Conscious

When the temperature in Granbury, TX gets hotter in summer, nothing beats the comfort given by your air conditioning units. But, will you still feel comfortable when you see piles of energy bills on the table waiting for your attention? Of course not!

Do not settle with high energy consumption when you can make big changes in your savings. Here are some ways that you can make your family more energy-conscious in the days to come.

Tell them about your utility bill.

Be sure to discuss your monthly consumption with the members of the family. After all, the energy bill is everyone’s concern, even if it is only you who pays it. This makes them realize the cost of wasted energy and too high consumption which they tend to ignore before. Brainstorm ideas on how to reduce it or challenge the family for small lifestyle changes that can greatly help in cutting down your utility costs.

Schedule a day off for your electricity usage.

Picking a day where you will be switching all electrical appliances off in the house is a smart idea. Instead of staying on each individual room while staring at the screens all day, use the day to rebuild your relationship and create fun memories with your family. Grill outside, play board games and cards, plan a picnic, or visit new places to get some fresh air. Make an effort to do this at least once a week to save on your energy usage and connect with your family.

Upgrade to programmable thermostat.

Your old-school thermostat contributes to the dramatic hike of your energy bill. Before the hottest days arrive, shift to a programmable one and teach your family on how to use it. Programmable thermostats are best in giving your home a stable temperature. You will surely get the most of your comfort and savings when everyone learns to program it properly.

The responsibility of reducing your energy usage is not yours alone. Expect great results when all the people who dwell in the house join you in your goal.

If you find your energy bill continuously increasing above all your lifestyle changes and saving techniques, call the professionals at Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating. You may need a whole-home inspection or an HVAC system maintenance check. All of which we are good at. Give us a ring!

Exhaust Fans Are Essential to Home Comfort

As what most homeowners say, exhaust fans do not really add appeal to one’s home, but they surely help in improving ventilation. Ideally, exhaust fans are placed on parts of the house which produce excessively high moisture and strong odor. Learn more about how they work, their benefits and the various exhaust fan choices for your home.

How Do Exhaust Fans Operate?

An exhaust fan is just another type of fan but what makes the difference is that the blades are in reverse motion. Instead of pulling in air, exhaust fans throw it out and provide extra cooling in the area. Exhaust fans are electric devices which are either controlled by a switch mounted on the wall or connected to a thermostat.

Types of Household Exhaust Fans

If you want to have one installed at home, you can choose between a ducted and non-ducted exhaust fans. As the name implies, ducted exhaust fans make use of air ducts where excess moisture and indoor air is moved out of the house. A non-ducted exhaust fan on the other hand does not use an air duct but filters the air using charcoal, then gives back clean air into the room.

Benefits of Exhaust Fans

  • Cools home quickly. After cooking or showering, the temperature in the room can get really warm. An exhaust fan helps cool down the area fast by venting out hot air and reducing the temperature without the use of air conditioning unit.
  • Removes excess moisture. Especially in the areas like kitchen and bathroom, humidity can become too high which can damage the home. An exhaust fan helps remove excess moisture before they accumulate on walls and ceilings.
  • Improves indoor air quality. You can rely on an exhaust fan to keep your indoor air clean and healthy. It reduces chemicals in the air, pulls out bad odors and relieves excess humidity by venting them out of the house so that conditioned air can fill the area.
  • Improves comfort. An exhaust fan provides proper ventilation especially to those areas where quality-diminishing agents accumulate fast. It also maintains proper circulation of air thus improving your overall home comfort.

Looking for an exhaust fan installer in Granbury, TX? Texas Made Air Conditioning & Heating is just around the corner. You can count on us when it comes to exhaust fan installation and other home comfort concerns.