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Helpful Ways To Find Those Sneaky Drafts

You might be wondering why your heating bill rises drastically over the winter even if you had your furnace upgraded and maintained. Have you checked your home’s insulation? You may find the culprit on those sneaky drafts you never think existed. Save your home from this stressful and truly expensive circumstance by finding and eliminating these sneaky drafts in your home. Catch the air movement.  There are delicate drafts which you cannot easily detect. Fortunately, there are simple and cheap procedures that you can do. Light a candle and walk through your home with your HVAC system turned off. If the flame flickers, then there’s air movement in that area. You can also use a draft detector that releases an odorless smoke which reacts on a moving air. Feel it. Since the temperature in your home is warmer than the outside, try to move your hands along the edges of your doors and windows and see if you can feel cold air flowing from the outside. You can do the same on the other parts of your home. This time, you can walk through the area and see if you can feel cold air in a certain spot. Get professional help. If you’re that concerned of these drafts, contact your local HVAC technician and schedule a household energy audit. They usually use thermographic imaging to find the presence of cold breezes. It displays the heat patterns in all parts of your home and easily identifies the cold spots in the area. Technicians can also perform a blower door pressurization test which is the first procedure in home energy audit. This is an effective way to find drafts in the basements and attics where drafts hide most. Dealing with Drafts Spray Foam. For cracks between ¼ and 3 inches, spray foams are better to use. If it’s your first, you can start by dispensing it onto newspapers. Spray the area with water before and after to cure fast. Caulk. For cracks that are ¼ inch wide or smaller, a caulk is best to use. For doors and windows, choose long-lasting and made for outdoor use. Insulation. The most common cause of drafts is poor insulation. Increase your home insulation especially in the basement and attics. Need a professional home energy audit in Granbury, TX? Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating is just around the corner!

Don’t Make This The Last Winter For Your Furnace

Investing in a heating and cooling system is not some kind of a joke. That’s why it’s every homeowner’s goal to get the most out of their investment. If you’re not that confident about your furnace, check out these helpful tips that can extend the service period of your unit. Replace air filter. One of the main causes of early system breakdown is dirty air filter. Furnace filters are important components of your system because they trap those particles that can pollute the air you breathe. This however needs to be maintained because the trapped particles can clog the filter which then causes great stress on its operation. As a result; your system will consume more energy and eventually breaks. Check the components for leaks. Pay extra attention to those holes, cracks and leaks in the parts of your furnace. These allow for heated air to escape which means your furnace needs to work harder to meet the temperature set in your thermostat. The longer you run your furnace, the greater energy it consumes. The trouble doesn’t end there because it can cause the equipment to overheat and the system fails completely. Make sure that your thermostat is set properly. Your thermostat plays a big role in connecting your HVAC system to you and your property. If your thermostat malfunctions, the settings can be affected and may send wrong information on the furnace. Chances are, your furnace will heat you home less or it will run longer to meet the setting given by your malfunctioning thermostat. Either of these can lead to poor comfort and early system retirement. Have a regular maintenance schedule. Being proactive on your furnace is always a good choice. Preventive maintenance should be the first on your list. It may sound like an additional expense but you’ll surely get back on the outflow with a more efficient and reliable unit. Regular inspection and maintenance identify and fix those small issues which can cause your furnace to malfunction. A furnace can serve you for 15 years or longer and it’s already a great return on your investment. Get the most out of it by keeping in touch with your local heating and cooling company in Granbury, Texas. Texas Made Air Conditioning and Heating is just around the corner! Drop by or call our friendly professionals if you need maintenance or repair services for your HVAC systems.