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5 Careless Mistakes That Can Void HVAC Warranty

The second concern when purchasing a heating and cooling system is the warranty. After getting the information about the unit itself, customers then ask what the product and service warranty includes. This somehow affects their decision whether to get the contract or find another company to place their investment.

Let’s just say that you find the right unit for your home and even get the best warranty offer. That’s a good catch! However, having a warranty doesn’t mean it’s fine if your system fails due to your carelessness or other reasons. No! Your negligence may cause your warranty to be void. Here’s a rundown of the mistakes that can void your HVAC warranty.

          1.  Not Registering The Warranty

The best part after purchasing a product is using it. Due to extreme excitement for the new investment, many homeowners forgot to fill out the warranty form. What they don’t know is that failing to register may void the warranty, or if not, may cause delay maintenance and repair services.

          2.  Using Third-Party Replacement Parts

HVAC manufacturers suggest the use of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for their units. While using off-brand products are also safe to use, they’re not tested for compatibility with the system and may cause problems to the unit. Using third-party products can void your warranty and may leave you hanging when something goes bad in your system.

           3.  Improper System Installation

Warranty may become void if the system is not properly installed. Most HVAC issues happen because of incorrect installation and the manufacturers are not liable for that. That’s why it’s always necessary to let a professional HVAC technician install your systems.

            4.  Poor Maintenance

Regular maintenance is an important requirement for any HVAC unit. It should be done at least twice a year by a licensed HVAC technician to maintain the efficiency of the system.  Air conditioner manufactures now mandates that you have your air conditioner maintained to keep your AC warranty valid.

            5.  Failure To Provide The Necessary Documentation

Be sure to keep all documents regarding your purchase of the product as well as regular maintenance services. There are instances when warranty becomes void due to failure to providing proofs of regular service tune-up.

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Thermostat Buying Guide

Savvy homeowners use thermostats to control the temperature in their home. It’s a smart choice but even smarter if you know what kind of thermostat to buy. Just like with all other HVAC components, getting the right thermostat for your home is crucial in getting the right comfort and savings that you need. Good thing, this thermostat buying guide will lead you all the way.

 Type of Thermostat

The main technologies involved in the operation of thermostats are electromechanical and electronic. Both can be used for most types of air conditioners, heating systems, gas and oils.

Of the two, most homeowners prefer an electronic thermostat since it is quicker to respond in temperatures changes and has better controls as compared to electromechanical types. You can set the temperature of the room at specific degree when you leave home and your programmable electric thermostat will adjust to the temperature changes so that you’ll feel comfortable when you arrive. This can surely help you get rid of wasted energy.

Thermostat and Equipment Compatibility

The systems that you want to be controlled by your thermostat are big considerations in purchasing. There are thermostats designed to control only single equipment such as furnace and there are also those which can control two stages support. If your equipment works in many stages, make sure to buy a thermostat hat can handle the operation. You will gain maximum efficiency if your programmable thermostat is compatible with your systems.

Energy Saving

This is probably your top reason why you shifted to programmable thermostat. Every brand of thermostat has energy saving features. More advanced models even send reports about your energy consumption and provide tips for efficient use of your HVAC systems. These types of thermostat are worth your investment.

Programing Flexibility and Remote access

With programmable thermostats, you are given full freedom to control your home’s temperature whenever away from home. Just make sure to connect it to your Wi-Fi then change the behavior of your thermostat via the apps.

An additional feature for thermostats is its flexibility in programming. You just need to fix the temperature schedule and in some types, thermostats are able to learn your heating and cooling habits and make daily adjustments in your home’s temperature based on them.

Choosing the right thermostat can be a bit tricky. Make sure to ask for suggestions from your trusted HVAC experts as to which one fits your home.