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Texas Made Heating and cooling energy saving tips

texasmade_heatingcoolingtips_v2-300x150 Texas Made Heating and cooling energy saving tipsAs consumers, we are always looking for ways to save money. In the household, the power bill can be one of the largest monthly bills you receive and your HVAC system the largest contributor to it. Here are some tips to save you energy. Make an educated decision when it comes to buying a new HVAC system. Newer ones can be cheaper in the long run when compared to your present system, especially if it is over twenty years old.

Be sure to look for the energy star when you purchase a new HVAC system because that is an assurance the item is energy efficient. It could reduce your heating and cooling costs by twenty five to thirty percent.  It doesn’t matter if your system is new or old, either way be sure to change the filter every couple of months.

This simply makes your HVAC system consume less energy because it runs more efficiently. A dirty filter can cause your system to cycle more which uses more energy. Proper maintenance throughout the year can catch small problems which will help on energy usage. If a HVAC system is not running 100% efficiently, it will consume more energy.

Having a licensed HVAC technician perform preventative maintenance at least once a year is a wise thing to do. Last of all, try adjusting your thermostat a couple of degrees, you may not notice the difference as you go about your day, but be assured your bill will notice the difference. Setting your thermostat a couple of degrees up or down, depending on the time of year can have a large impact on how much energy is being used.


Coils Maintenance Tips – Texas Made

Cleaning your air conditioners coils will allow your A/C unit to run longer with increased efficiency. Experts recommend cleaning them in the spring before your unit is used extensively to combat the summer heat. Doing this will ensure the coils are in good working order before you need your unit the most! However, you can make it part of your routine maintenance throughout the year, or leave it up to your A/C technician when they perform their annual maintenance on your unit.

 If you choose to clean the coils yourself, it is advised to start by clearing away any debris from the outside unit such as grass and leaves.  Once this is done, shut off the power source to the A/C and remove the outer case allowing you to reach the access panels. Remove the top of the A/C unit being careful not to damage any wires, at this point it can be a good idea to vacuum off any dirt found on the fan and shaft. Sweep away dust and dirt from the A/C coils using a broom.

You can even spray the coils with water, or a biodegradable cleaner. The cleaner should be rinsed off and then use this opportunity to look over your coils for any obvious coil fin damage. The next step is reassembling the A/C and then relax, knowing your coils are clean.