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Operating and Maintaining Your Heat Pump – Texas Made

With all cooling and heating systems, maintenance is the key to operating efficiently. If you operate your heat pump correctly, it will also save you money. If you discover that setting back your thermostat causes the backup heating to come on, be prepared for more expense. Heat pump performance can be degraded with continual indoor. [Read more…]

HVAC Maintenance and Energy Savings – Texas Made

HVAC maintenance and energy savings go hand in hand! It is a general rule, that when appliances are taken care of, maintained and looked after, they last longer and perform better. Preventive and predicative maintenance is crucial to ensuring a long, productive life for our HVAC systems at home or in the office. We take. [Read more…]

Main type of HVAC Systems – Texas Made

There are many options when it comes to buying and choosing HVAC systems. The most common one being the split system heating and air conditioning system. You find them in businesses and in residential homes. They are called split systems because they have components that are located inside and outside. Split systems cool refrigerant to. [Read more…]